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  1. GT Tech

    Best looking 05/06 GT

    Since going on the GT program in July 2003, I have had the pleasure of seeing literally 1,000s of them. IMHO, this is the best, cleanest car I have ever seen. Sadly, it is going on the market before I get a chance to ogle it. Maybe a new owner will let me. Of course my friend has a Tungsten no...
  2. GT Tech

    Looking for a drivers side seat belt assembly.

    Need a drivers side seat belt assembly.
  3. GT Tech

    GT Tech coming to Texas

    GT Tech will be coming to Houston, Texas and points in between next week. Will have P/S hoses with me. From what I have seen on the ones I have changed out lately, they seem to be deteriorating faster than I thought.
  4. GT Tech

    05/06 Power Steering Hose Deterioration

    Owners of 05/06 GTs need to check the power steering return hose going into the bottom of the PS reservoir. It is the larger of the 2 hoses. If it feels greasy or just plain nasty, it is deteriorating. Rich Brooks of the GT Garage and I have changed some, but at this point Ford no longer...
  5. GT Tech

    OEM Owners manual

    NOS 2006 owners manual. Still in sealed wrapper with an April 24 2006 date sticker on it. $150.00
  6. GT Tech

    Arizona & Southwest GT owners club

    We are putting together an informal Arizona GT Club. As not everyone out here reads this great forum as much as we do, Peter Volney and I thought it might be a good idea to compile a roster of Arizona and Southwest GT owners, as a way of letting each other know of events coming up in our area...
  7. GT Tech

    GT Quick and Clean oil drain kit

    GT Owners Are you tired of making a mess when draining the dry sump tank on your GT? Fighting to find a good combination of funnels and drain pans to prevent massive oil spills on the frame and hoist? Have I got just the ticket for you! As a seasoned GT technician and a veteran of many GT oil...
  8. GT Tech

    GT Get Away Weekend 4, the Quest for Bugs

    It's that time of the year for the 4th annual GT Getaway Weekend. The dates are April 24 - 26. Sign up time is running out quickly. I need to get a loose head count soon. More details will follow in the next few days, but a fun time WILL be had. So, strap on your Rootin-Tootin Shootin Iron...
  9. GT Tech

    Poking a hornet's nest

    :facepalm: I'm sure this will get HUGE responses, (likely not good ones) but I feel it is necessary to express some thoughts. Shouldn't the new GT be called the Multimatic GT? Let me explain. We all know that the original GT-40 was farmed out to various non OEM builders. Ford supplied most...
  10. GT Tech

    Who will build it?

    I love the new car. Not as much as the 05/06 as I was heavily involved in that one, but it has a blue oval on it. Looking at it from my point of view as part of the 05/06 build team, Who is going to build it? Saleen wanted to build 100% of the 05/06 GT, but Ford demanded that it be finished...
  11. GT Tech

    2005 Red GT 4 Option

    Many upgrades. Hennesey Performance package Long tube headers - Ford Racing Borla Muffler (oem parts included) 15 PSI Pulley and FR Tune Air inlet support - high flow air Filters Short Throw shifter (oem parts included) Stillen rear defuser Acc-u-fab axle bolts Custom Duior 3 piece...
  12. GT Tech

    Upcoming GT on Cranky Ape

    Got an insider tip that a GT will be on the Cranky Ape website soon. Informant said the car runs, but has damage. No other details.
  13. GT Tech

    Pre Rally Track Day(s)

    As the GT National Rally in Las Vegas is fast approaching, it would seem like a great time to get your GT out and stretch it's legs before the big event. The Inde Motorsports Ranch, in Wilcox, Arizona has a weekend open shortly before the Vegas Rally. Those who attended my recent GT event can...
  14. GT Tech

    Wreaked GT on Cranky Ape web site

    Just browsing Cranky Ape. There is a pretty tore up GT listed. Current bid is 70,000 or so. It's located just down the road from me in Kingman. Looks bad from the pictures. good for parts, but could be repairable for enough bucks.
  15. GT Tech

    GT Getaway Weekend 3- The Southern Tour

    It's that time of the year to start making plans for the annual GT Getaway Weekend. This year, the tour will be in the Southern part of our beautiful state of Arizona, ranging from Scottsdale to ????? Details are still being worked out, but the dates are set. April 25-27 2014 Plan on...
  16. GT Tech

    Damaged 06 auction

    Was browsing this morning at and ran across an 06 up for auction. It's in Texas. Damaged, but hard to tell how bad from pictures. Current high bid is 60K. Their auctions usually end on Wednesday, but still may be unsold.
  17. GT Tech

    WTB OEM Seat or L/S seat back cover

    I'm looking for a L/S seat back cover. I need 4 of the black plastic "trim rings" around the air holes. GT Tech
  18. GT Tech

    GT Getaway Weekend 2 - PHOTOS - page 5&6

    I am starting to lay out the second GT Get Away Weekend, and would like to get an idea of who might be interested in attending. I don't need a firm commitment right now, but just a rough head count. Some of the arrangements I'll eventually need to make will be based on the number of people...
  19. GT Tech

    2006 GT for sale from estate

    As several of my posts explaining whats going on with the car have not been cleared to be posted, I am trying to just edit the original post in hopes that the information will get through. For the record, Yes the car was in an accident. It was a low speed fender bender. I am still in the...
  20. GT Tech

    Rear tires needed

    I'm looking for a pair of rear tires for a GT. Car will be on the market after December. PM to: GT Tech :thumbsup