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  1. Ed Sims

    Velocity Invitational 2021

    Who is attending the Velocity Invitational event at Laguna Seca in Monterey CA Nov 13-14? I will be there along with Demo Man (he's racing) & 07XL0027. Ford sent an email last month to many of us. Many cool cars & drivers will be there (like Ford GT Le Mans team). Ed...
  2. Ed Sims

    Track Insurance

    I did a search on the forum but couldn't find my answer. I have checked with Hagerty, RLI, Open-Track, Xinsurance & Chizmark Larson. They all offer single day stated value coverage for open track events but limit it to $400K max (Open-Track was the exception with $500K). Does anyone know of a...
  3. Ed Sims

    300 mph club

    Why all the fuss about a modified Bugatti Chiron going 304 mph? To do it they had special made tires & used the 12 mile long (5.4 mi long straightaway) Ehra-Lessien track in Germany. Our own Mark used a standing mile to get his '05-06 GT over 300 mph on Hoosiers that you & I can buy. Ed...
  4. Ed Sims

    Mark Martin's Ford GT To Be Delivered Soon

    In the March 2019 issue of Car & Driver magazine, Mark Martin reveals his NGT will be delivered this spring. Even though he doesn't want to drive in in Montana, my guess is it will be registered there. LOL! Ed
  5. Ed Sims

    Ti accessories

    The plastic valve stem caps that come on the NGT are not acceptable. However, Ti caps are cool. I shortened them 6mm though. Ed
  6. Ed Sims

    Only NGT Bolt On Part Available from FMC

    Ok. There had to be at least one of us to pull the trigger on this part. Yes, it's not necessary. Yes, it's expensive. Yes, if my wife Heidi knew she would be mad. Yes, I don't listen to sound advice. The bolt on Raj pedal oozes trickness & if you are a CF & Ti lover then enjoy my photos but...
  7. Ed Sims

    Miller Motorsport Park aka Utah Motosports Complex News

    Good news! Ed
  8. Ed Sims

    Official parts for the NGT

    During my delivery I was told of a post-sale option of a bolt on CF dead pedal. The attachment points are very visible (at least on my '19). I'm assuming it is very expensive. I bet Petunia could make them out of aluminum for us. It isn't necessary but, hey, we had the bolt on cup holders for...
  9. Ed Sims

    '05-06 GT & NGT in print

    Both GTs are always popular. Here is a newspaper & a catalog from this week. Ed
  10. Ed Sims

    50 years between cars but still the same DNA

    My friend was at the Peterson a few days ago & took this photo. Lots of visual similarities but the DNA under the skin is unmistakable - all Ford & all to win LM but we have a few of these street legal versions! Ed
  11. Ed Sims

    2018 Chicago Auto Show

    There were a lot of cool cars at the recent Chicago Auto Show but the one that stole the show was the FGT comp model. Well, at least in my opinion. So many people though. Lucky I came right when it opened that day! Ed
  12. Ed Sims

    Happy Birthday AwsumGT

    Best wishes for a happy birthday AwsumGT! Ed
  13. Ed Sims

    '05 front grill for sale

    Someone asked me at the last Rally if I was selling my OEM '05 front grill but I wasn't. I can't remember who asked me that but now I know someone who is selling one. Contact me if interested still. Ed
  14. Ed Sims

    One Page Ad in Autoweek July 24, 2017 Issue

    They could have chose any car to be in the ad. Ed
  15. Ed Sims

    Most posts, longest member, ...

    Hey, I just noticed I monopolized the forum. Has Dr Frank ever done this? Not! Ed
  16. Ed Sims

    My first You Tube video: 2017 Ford GT

    I made the video on my iPhone using Amy MacDonald's song 4th of July. It's perfect for America's supercar. Ford really is number one! Ed PS Amy is getting a new GT. I hope you like my video. Thanks to Ford & Amy!
  17. Ed Sims

    Ferrari Copies the NGT

    It looks like a copyright infringement to me! If you can't beat them, copy them! Ed
  18. Ed Sims

    Tech Geeks Love the GT

    Interesting article & videos from PC World on the New GT. Raj & Jamal quotes. Ed
  19. Ed Sims

    Time to update the sticker

    I might have to update it a few more times! Ed
  20. Ed Sims

    Joey Hand is my Homey

    Joey Hand lives near me so it's cool when a home town boy does good. My assistant is his high school classmate. Ed