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  1. GEE-TEE

    N009 has arrived and its a Boy!

    After all these years, Im still a novice with this as I posted this below earlier in the month on a different Section and don't think it was seen by many. Pics coming today ;)...
  2. GEE-TEE

    Bubbling paint on calipers near bleeding screws

    Yesterday, I noticed for the first time after washing the car that the red paint was bubbling around the bleeding nuts of the red calipers. I'm so glad I didn't high pressure the wash or it would have peeled it right off. Has anyone had this?
  3. GEE-TEE

    New GT 1:64 Scale with Ken Miles Heritage

    My daughter Bella bought me the coolest gift for my birthday. She went to see the movie with us and loved it. I wonder if they will actually consider offering this on the next round of NGTs as a Heritage option.
  4. GEE-TEE

    A good place to look for colors for NFGT (PTS)

    I am not sure if any of the Porsche guys or PCA members here have seen this. I thought I would share a cool place to look at colors and codes is a new site called Rennbow . It really gives you a lot of choices and also shows samples of cars from the past for...
  5. GEE-TEE

    Ford GT Forum Praised Across the World

    On a business trip in Dubai and last night I met up with 2 GT owners who graciously extended the warmest hospitality towards me. Both these guys are on the forum and could not say enough nice things about it and how genuinely helpful and friendly everyone is. It was so refreshing to see how much...
  6. GEE-TEE

    Xpel/Clear Wrap on NGT

    I always wonder how long should owners wait for the paint to dry, cure and get some sun on it before having an adhesive wrap applied. In my experience the paint does not adhere as strongly to non-metal body panels and there is a risk of paint peeling off when the vinyl is being removed. I recall...
  7. GEE-TEE

    Help near Brentwood Tennessee ???

    Hi guys, Anyone live in Nashville or close to Bentwood Tennessee? I would like to ask a a friend to go look at a car and possibly test drive it for me please. PM me or email me at or txt me at (310)748-8811. Will be greatly appreciated
  8. GEE-TEE

    Ford GT #67 IMSA & WEC 1:43 Models

    FYI y'all. A guy whom I have bought some great models from in the past "Paul" has just announced two smaller models of the CG Racing of the GT. They are a very reputable outfit and I am hoping they get the 1:18 models soon. If anyone is interested; here is the link...
  9. GEE-TEE

    RK Motors on GT40

    Here is a great link from Hagerty with lots of good reads which I though everyone will enjoy!!!
  10. GEE-TEE

    Oem muffler

    I have bumper delete and have been remodeling the garage last week. I have been hold onto the ginat tank for years thinking if I ever wanted to go back to stock etc. But as long as I own my GT (FOREVER), I dont think I will be going back. So, Im not sure if the OWM Muffler had any significant...
  11. GEE-TEE

    Garage Floor Paint Suggestions Please

    I recall reading a post about a good spackle finish floor paint for garage. I could not find the old thread. Can anyone suggest whish is the best paint to buy for a cement slab floor? One that wont lift up from warm tires...
  12. GEE-TEE

    Paint codes for Tungsten W/Stripe

    Can you guys confirm if these are the paint codes for Tungsten W/Stripe and wher I can find touch up paint? T8/M7145A Tungsten TL/M7049 Satin Silver???
  13. GEE-TEE

    Emergency Battery Help

    I beleive my Battery is on its last leg. The battery seemed low yestarday and I usually keep the Cooltech tender on and the light turns green after an hour or so. I plugged it in yesterday after a short drive when the Volt meter showed low. It stayed on the tender over night and this morning the...
  14. GEE-TEE

    LA drive to Sonoma

    Hi guys, I understand we dont have an organized group driving up to Rally. I would like to drive up early Tuesday morning and only stop for gas/Pee and Snacks when needed. If anyone is doing the same; please let me know or PM me so we can drive up together... Thanks, Arya
  15. GEE-TEE

    Bra for GT

    I recall an outfit which sold custom bras for our GTs and cant remember the name. Autobikini???
  16. GEE-TEE

    Regent Beverly Wilshire Valet Yesterday

    I went to meet some HNW clients of mine from MX and as I was pulling up to the hotel with my Mustang (Saleen) I was thinking of giving the guy 20 bucks to keep it up front and telling him to take good care of it and how the spoiler was very low and all… Then as I pulled up I saw my sons Favorite...
  17. GEE-TEE

    Felix Baumgartner Ultimate SuperHero

    Im not sure if he is on the forum but if you are a fan, you would like to know that he is a GT guy. You can find some good vids of him with his GT on YouTube. Seems like a cool dude. he must need tires every month!!!
  18. GEE-TEE

    Help with registering my Mustang with DMV in CA.

    I just bought a 2011 Mustang Saleen with 3K miles on it from Michigan and the car arrived yesterday. I went my local smog guy and had it smogged and then went to AAA office which handles DMV stuff. They would not register or transfer title as the car is missing the sticker under the hood which...
  19. GEE-TEE

    Mustang Saleen 2011 in Flint Michigan-Hlep

    Hi, There is a 2011 Muatang Saleen for sale at a new Chevy/Buick dealership in Flint. If anyone lives in Flint and can stop in and do a visual of the car for me I would greatly appreciate it. Please let me know or PM me if you are within the 5 mile radius and quickly stop in and look at it...
  20. GEE-TEE

    FGT OEM Car Covers

    Does anyone know where to find a new car cover? Mine is old and kind of stained from last owner around the wheels from tire dressing... Mine is Grey since my car is Tungsten. Did they make a heritage color?