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    Dear David, i saw it tonight just before 11 p.m. french time, as i am in Perpignan driving back to Switzerland, do you have the slightest idea how much "Desi" want's for all of it ? Do you really think, that you have enough storage room in your premises in U.k. ? Can i reach you thursday or...
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    Ready to find my '05-'06 GT; who might be selling?

    tungsten all stripes delete In case i would find someone which would been crazy about my 101 for europe, midnight blue metallic since the day of delivery from Ford Switzerland on oct. 17th 2005, pulley and US-exhaust, i enjoy it if the weather is o.k. every 40 k miles i have on the clock, on...
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    Sad News

    loss of your mother my own mother is 85, fortunately still alive. Yours passed away not long ago. I do not know you, but i am sure when you lost yours, you were heartbroken. I am sure, that i cannot comfort you with words, but my thoughts are with you ! Felix
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    New to GT ownership: Midnight Blue 2006 no-stripe GT in El Paso, TX

    Dear medici78, i have exactly the same combination, the only little difference is that my car ( one of the 101 which were exclusively made for european customers ) was made in 2005, yours in 2006, we both have "stripe delete", altogether 21 such cars were produced, 14 in 2005, 7 in 2006, 5 cars...
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    First meeting for Ford GT in France.

    Francis, can you send me a regular e-mail with your phone number to, merci Felix
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    What is typical price for clutch replacement, parts and labor?

    i would agree with our GT Forum member "jaxgt". On my car it was done in U.K. by Roush U.K. Dave Jones, which was the boss there at that time has left Roush u.k. and has now his own company and is here as well with his nickname GT101. IF i would have to replace one more time i would only go...
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    18" on rear

    My dear Ford GT 2005/2006 aficionados, i wanted to go with racing tires on Formula one tracks, like Red Bull Ring in Austria, Hockenheim GP Circuit, and Spa-Francorchamps, and the most wanted Nuerburgring "Nordschleife". Here how i solved my problem: i had good contacts with Juergen Alzen...
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    Cruise Control

    I do totally agree with you, especially on long distances in Germany where you might find some sections without any speed limits and three or more lanes, you speed there and when the mostly silly placed speed limits come along to often with 120 kms/h or even less, until down to 80 kms/h and a...
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    Cruise Control

    Chip, you are the greatest, wonderful idea, but remember that not all Ford GT owners like the trucks like the one you use to tow your GT from coast to coast . . . Felix, at time in Spain
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    Help on pricing for a Safir GT40

    Hello, I am 187 cms, and with a fullface open Helmet i sat in a GT 40 from a swiss collector, but the car had the so called "Gurney-Bubble" in the roofpart of the right side drivers door. Remember please, that Dan Gurney was 192 cm tall when he was competing in the sixties with these GT 40-ies...
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    Speedhut gauge questions

    speedhut instruments I can only confirme Ed's opinion. When my OEM-rev-counter, watertemp.-gage and finally the fuel gauge failed, Mr. David Jones from GT101 company in United Kingdom recommended to me that speedhutdasboard, it let these guys install it, never anymore any malfunction as in the...
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    Ford GT40's at Goodwood Revival 2013

    Dear Mal, i went in the last four years to the Goodwood Revival in September. It was even more crazy with the hotels near Goodwood car racing circuit, because of the date (weekend) collision with the Southhampton boatshow. But i found a nice Hotel: 30-40 min. drive with your car from that...
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    Photoradar tickets in France

    Hello all of you with speed tickets in France, you risk if you do not pay the tickets from your last stay/drive in France, to get arrested at any airport in France, upon landing there on the spot and been kept in custody until you pay the outstanding amount ! It is also likely that the french...
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    Someone tried to hack my account

    same happened to me as well in the last 14 days, but the people in charge have notified me within less than 6 hours of the attempt to hack ! thank's for your control mechanism's ! FelixIbizaSwitzerland
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    Jemand hat heute Nacht(25. auf 26.07.!!!!) fünf mal versucht in meinen Ford GT Forum Account...

    Jemand hat heute Nacht(25. auf 26.07.!!!!) fünf mal versucht in meinen Ford GT Forum Account sich einzuloggen, mit falschem Passwort, der Systemadministrator v. Ford GT Forum aus den USA, hat mir sogar die IP Adresse mit allen Zahlen angegeben ! Frechheit sowas, oder ? Felix momentan noch in Ibiza
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    How Many left?

    Hello Jeff, are you still collecting pics of all vin's with pic of the car ? How about mine ? Vin is 1FAFP90S65Y400834 built 4/11/2011 all stripes delete, midnight blue metallic, only 14 built in 2005, and 7 more in 2006
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    How Many left?

    According to the SVT-Book 2005 in black all stripes delete 58 cars, 2006 only 55, so altogether 113 built !
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    Bad Rear Lateral Links

    Ask David Jones in United Kingdom, his company is only dealing with GT's its companyname is "GT101", his phone number is for a text message ++44 7801336890 . ask him for his e-mail address by text message. Bear in mind there are 5 hours time difference to New York, or 8 hours to...
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    Thoughts on these rear diffusers? Accident Damage?

    Hi Laurence, it's Felix from Switzerland again, i had to replace the complete rear diffuser, due to my stupidity to park backwards, in a 90 degree angle to the sidewalk, and not check for the height of the obstacle/sidewalk. I think i do remember, it is a very expensive oem-part, but for the...
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    Guerin Design - Large storage trunk - experiences?

    Dear Laurence, even if you are at this time a spectator, i do take you serious, because you get really into the subject, planning future trip-possibilities with you Ford GT once you have brought one ! I have one in Switzerland, midnightblumetallic, around 40000 miles driven to date now. Aside i...