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  1. wmjim

    Road to Rally 13

    Loaded the GT and headed 1500 miles from South Dakota to sunny Arizona. Two long days, but excited as hell!
  2. wmjim

    Trailer Modifications for NFGT

    I realized I needed to modify my GT trailer to fit the new GT. First, I needed the base almost 3" wider, and second, because the door is further forward and hinges upward, my trailer side door had to change. I ended up with linear bearings on the roof and having the side door slide rearward...
  3. wmjim

    High school senior photo shoot

    A young friend asked to do his senior photo shoot with a couple of my cars. We had fun and he shared his pictures with me. These are a few.
  4. wmjim

    Back to South Dakota

    Lynn and I have a second home north of Scottsdale, AZ, and because of the "Ford V Ferrari" movie premier event, I brought my '05 GT. I decided to leave it here to use and enjoy for the winter. I'm pretty sure "Black Tip" enjoyed it too. It was the first time I'd had my GT here. We had fun...
  5. wmjim

    Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are terrible!

    Even with the wing deployed for more down-force the cornering is still poor.
  6. wmjim

    Paybacks are a bitch

    This happens to all married guys, right? But seriously, I had no idea what I was getting into! After all the years of her going to car events, and shows, I told Lynn that I would take her to this little "quilting, sewing, and crafts fair in Phoenix. Who knew it would be this unbelievably...
  7. wmjim

    Happy birthday FlagstaffGT

    I have heard from a reliable source (my wife) that it's Barry's birthday today. Happy birthday buddy!
  8. wmjim

    Happy birthday GKW05GT

    Happy birthday Gary. Have a Bud Light on me today buddy!
  9. wmjim

    Happy birthday FlagstaffGT

    Thought you’d fly under the radar didn’t you, since it’s not on the calendar. Happy birthday, buddy!
  10. wmjim

    GKW05GT Birthday

    Happy birthday Gary! Have a great day, & maybe a few rounds of golf!
  11. wmjim

    New Camilo painting hung

    With a little guidance from Lynn, i have my new painting hung.
  12. wmjim

    Need help to identify an autograph

    Can anyone identify this autograph? Camilo couldn't remember when I asked him, but thought it was from the build team. It's on the car I bought from him.
  13. wmjim

    Wall Art

    After a friend visited last summer (GKW05GT), he was giving me grief about having so much art laying around. This winter I decided to do something about it and framed over 50 paintings and photos. I have one wall done, and wanted to share. I believe we got the large top left GT40 painting...
  14. wmjim

    Black Tip 1's new home!

    Camilo and I worked out the deal after the rally. The car is with the GT Guys right now going over everything, then will be on it's way to South Dakota. I'm extremely excited. It will be joining the Heritage I bought new.
  15. wmjim

    GT merorabilia found.

    We bought a 2nd home in Cave Creek, AZ a year ago, and I just met a neighbor down the street. He worked for Saleen on the Ford Gt project as the logistics manager among other things. He had a bunch of memorabilia he was going to take to the pawn shop. I immediately scooped it all up. He also...
  16. wmjim

    GT trailer

    I thought that a good winter project would be to inclose my "Texas Roll-back" trailer. So I bought a tig welder, learned how to weld aluminun, and started in. The GT is the widest car I have, and I made it to "just" fit for easy towing (in hind sight I would give it another inch at the...
  17. wmjim

    Heritage tool cabinet

    I got carried away and painted my new tool cabinet. My wife thought I was nuts - all fired up after my first rally! I'm getting a "FORD GT" decal for it, then it will be mounted under my workbench.
  18. wmjim

    Country Club Racetrack

    Has anyone here been involved in one of the "Country Club" racetracks? Winters get longer every year in South Dakota. I tell my wife we could buy a second home somewhere way south of here, but my cars are all here. I have a large (12 -14 car) heated shop, and I spend a lot of time tinkering...
  19. wmjim

    Overdriving Headlights

    I did my first night drive in the country a week ago, and found I had to be very careful with the headlights on dim. They have a definate bright to total black line on the road ahead, and even way on both sides of the road. It is totaly dark above this line. I don't think I can adjust them...