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    Funny and Exciting Story.

    I received the call from Ford late last June, I actually thought it was spam, decided to answer because it was from Michigan and thought it could be about the Bronco I had ordered. I was told there was an open allocation available if i was still interested (no brainer). No explanation or...
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    Private Messaging

    Is this feature working, I get an error message when I try to check messages. Thank you, George
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    2005/06 OEM Car Cover

    Trying yo locate the above, please PM me with any leads. Thanks
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    GT Price Curve Now Vs Two Years Ago

    Bottom axis mileage?
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    Introducing K198

    Congratulations! Where are you in SoCal? M216 was delivered to me in late November, would love to get the cars together. George
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    M216 Delivery

    Wrap complete, picked it up yesterday, met it’s older sibling and cousin
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    Welcome Home M199!

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    M216 Delivery

    Thanks, getting it wrapped and Sparco belts installed. Hope to have it soon.
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    M216 Delivery

    Is Claude your delivery specialist?
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    M216 Delivery

    It worked
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    M216 Delivery

    I may take you up on it. I've posted pictures before, never been a problem, for some reason the pictures are not being saved jpeg when I email from my phone.
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    M216 Delivery

    Took delivery on Monday. Not sure why having problems posting pictures.
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    Screens for openings behind front wheels

    I just purchased a set from the GT Guy last week
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    The GTGUY

    Rich Brooks -
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    The GTGUY

    I emailed him last Thursday, received a response next day. You might try emailing.
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    Shelby CSX4000 for sale

    I know of a non- CSX Kirkham that may be available.
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    Congratulations, I'm two weeks out from my delivery date, can't wait.
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    Ford GT Team Edition Chronograph

    That's the kind of thinking that get you in the position to buy a NGT
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    Opel Gt front clip