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  1. Mike Mosing

    Titanium Lug Nut Wrench

    Anyone hear of a special wrench to take Titanium Lug nuts off of Carbon Wheels or what are ya'll using?
  2. Mike Mosing

    Spoiler AlertI

    Has anyone had this happen after the recall of the software was performed? I noticed this after it sits for 24 hours in the down mode the spoiler floats up a bit. I suspect the software update relieves hydraulic pressure and whats left is not enough to hold it down without the engine running...
  3. Mike Mosing

    NFGT 600 mile oil change

    Is 600 miles a "hard" number to get the oil changed on the NFGT or a recommended? I will be over that by the time I get mine done in Atlanta next week before the race.
  4. Mike Mosing

    J107 Is Under Way

    I got the email and call today saying J107 is in production and scheduled for delivery early June to mid June. Whoa...I was on the golf course and went double bogey, bogey...and took 3 more holes to recover. No more concentration...hit the ball...text the family...hit the ball...text...
  5. Mike Mosing

    I would not have thunk it...

    ...but it happened kind of by accident. I wasn't looking for a second GT although the thought intrigued me. I go to my first Rally in NOLA and was talking to Camilo and jokingly asked him when he was going to sell my his GT. He smiled and said it was for sale. I said crap. After my wife...