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  1. QuickSilverShelby

    Looking For A Trailer

    Finally snagged what I was looking for. A 2022 ATC Quest 24' and I got lucky. A dealer in Idaho wanted to get rid of it and sold it to me for dealer cost + $1,000 so I got it for $32,495 all in. I had been looking for 2 months when I stumbled across this deal in Post Falls, Idaho and I am...
  2. QuickSilverShelby

    Best looking 05/06 GT

    Cool, that'll be a good trip for ya. Have fun. QSS
  3. QuickSilverShelby

    Best looking 05/06 GT

    Hey Rich, is this the car you told me about a few weeks back in Vegas when we had lunch? QSS
  4. QuickSilverShelby

    Knights upholstery lowered seat done...

    I hear ya. I'm 6'1" and before I bought my car I was concerned about "fitting" into a FGT. When I pulled the trigger on my car I had the drivers seat modified and lowered and now I fit just fine and dandy. A good mod and definitely worth the dollars for the tall drivers out there. QSS
  5. QuickSilverShelby

    Looking For A Trailer

    Anyone have a recommendation where I could get an Intech or ATC car hauler in Montana, Utah, Nevada or Arizona? I've found a nice ATC in Illinois that suits my needs but it's a 26 hour drive one way and they want $4,000 to ship it to Vegas so I'm trying to find a slightly closer dealer. QSS
  6. QuickSilverShelby

    Looking For A Trailer

    I too am looking for a trailer and I have gone down a deep, deep rabbit hole over the past 2 months. My head hurts from all the information I have read and listening to all the sales bullshit about how "our trailer is one of the best available". I'd like to be able to put my GT in it but...
  7. QuickSilverShelby

    Looking for a track car.

    I'm scheduled to go look at a car this week when I'm down in Vegas. Hopefully it's "the one". QSS
  8. QuickSilverShelby

    The Bronco Thread

    Don't pay an ADM. That's horseshit. QSS
  9. QuickSilverShelby

    Factory and selling dealer push to have Maserati auction canceled on BaT

    Tuesday morning entertainment reading about children fighting. Another sip of coffee and I'm onto the the next bit of chaos the world has to offer. Thanks for posting. QSS
  10. QuickSilverShelby

    GTs at Barrett Jackson 2022

    The DRL's can be easily turned off via programming if they happen to be on. I know because I had to have them turned on when I had my out of country and out of province inspection when I brought my GT up to Alberta, Canada from Arkansas. As soon as I had my inspections done and my car was...
  11. QuickSilverShelby

    Window Sticker for 06

    Hey pacettr, I tried getting my window sticker form Ford Show Parts and they say they don't have mine. Could I impose upon you and see if you can get a PDF copy of mine? I'll by beer (or Rum or Bourbon) or what ever ya like to drink at a meet up in Vegas. QSS
  12. QuickSilverShelby

    Ford Bronco Raptor event 1/24/22 @6am on Facebook Live

    The Bronco, Raptor.......... Cobra Edition!!! Extinct or not, we gotta get more land animals into the name and add 30% to MSRP! QSS
  13. QuickSilverShelby

    Looking for a track car.

    Easy come, easy go. I put in a bid 1 hour, 30 minutes before the end of the auction. I had an ice time I wasn't gonna miss so as a result I was on the ice at the end of the auction and I just threw out a bid but it wasn't meant to be...
  14. QuickSilverShelby

    Looking for a track car.

    Interesting looking car but I don't think it would be for me. The company looks like a bit of an upstart and I'm looking for car/company that has a track record. QSS
  15. QuickSilverShelby

    2005-2006 Ford GT tachometer

    Does anybody have a side by side picture of original gauges vs Speedhut gauges? I'm not the original owner of my car and I'm curious if the gauges were replaced. My car has 18,500 miles on her. QSS
  16. QuickSilverShelby

    Looking for a track car.

    That's what I'm talking about! QSS
  17. QuickSilverShelby

    Looking for a track car.

    What is my goal? To be the fastest? Not a chance, there's always someone faster out there so that is well down my goals list, at least for now. I wanna learn the ins and out of it all, get to know some people and have a good time. I'm 52, I'm not getting any younger and I now have the time...
  18. QuickSilverShelby

    Looking for a track car.

    Anyone have a 17 or 18 Mustang FP350s they wanna part with? QSS
  19. QuickSilverShelby

    Looking for a track car.

    Thanks Ron. I've found a huge range of Porsche options. So many that I'm a bit over whelmed by all that is available. What I've found is that looking for a track car is extremely daunting. It's hard to know if your looking at a a good solid car built by a reputable builder or a piece of...
  20. QuickSilverShelby

    Bring a Trailer wallops the big auction houses!

    The cars........I was talking about the cars..........cmon ;). QSS