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  1. GEE-TEE

    First GT

    Congrats and welcome aboard
  2. GEE-TEE

    Great sadness of loss

    Very sad news. I had the pleasure of meeting them. God Speed David and best wishes to the Robertson Family.
  3. GEE-TEE

    Magnus Walker's "The Big Thing" Ford GT..Season Finale

    It was awesome. My son and I had been waiting for some time and have watched it several times. I have met Magnus at willow before and have driven with him. Ver nice guy. Thank you Chip and Randy. ;)
  4. GEE-TEE

    Wrapping matte car

    Beautiful Beast. Cobgrats
  5. GEE-TEE

    Deliveryday 21' Heritage

    Congrats. On of the best specs ever. Enjoy
  6. GEE-TEE

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    Awesome 👌🏻 👏 👍🏻 😍
  7. GEE-TEE

    N009 has arrived and its a Boy!

    Thank you so much Randy. Look forward to joining you and the gang in OC soon.
  8. GEE-TEE

    For Sale: Tunnel Screens

    So do you know if it needs longer screws or will the existing ones work?
  9. GEE-TEE

    N009 has arrived and its a Boy!

    It was supposed to rain that day here in Commifornia and thankfully it didn't. But still as you will see it was trash day and I had to worry about trash trucks rolling in the same time of delivery. Thankfully all worked out fine. Kevin and Steve were champions. I cant imagine a better...
  10. GEE-TEE

    N009 has arrived and its a Boy!

    After all these years, Im still a novice with this as I posted this below earlier in the month on a different Section and don't think it was seen by many. Pics coming today ;)...
  11. GEE-TEE

    For Sale: Tunnel Screens

    My screens did not come with longer screws. I didn't even know it needs them. Where can I buy the longer torx screws???
  12. GEE-TEE

    Introducing K198

    Congrats 🎉 👏 🎉
  13. GEE-TEE

    My new GT is almost Base; that ain't a bad thing!

    Congrats 🎉 👏 🎉 👌🏻
  14. GEE-TEE

    22 Heritage Arrival

    Congrats. I saw this in person at the autoshow and my son and I could not step away as we were so mesmerized by this spec. This is a spectacular car. Enjoy it and cherish it. 👍🏻👌🏻
  15. GEE-TEE

    Ford GT Heritage Edition 2022

    Wow. Very nice. Shmee almost had it right🤔😅
  16. GEE-TEE

    My 2022 is finally here!

    Congrats. Its beautiful. I am also curious why and how you went through the front fender to get the Battery Tender to the front charge ports. I thought the front ones are in the front boot!!! Maybe just so you dont have wire touching the body?
  17. GEE-TEE

    Ford GT Rally XIII - Registration

    I am so sorry to miss out on this rally. At first I missed the deadline and then later Syco GT told me that there may be some openings again. Unfortunately, by this time my wife had committed to an out town wedding for her best friends son and there was no getting out :( . At least I know I will...
  18. GEE-TEE

    Ford GT Heritage Edition 2022

    Congrats HGAR That is my best guess too. Ken Mike's 66 car👍🏻💪🏻👌🏻🇺🇸
  19. GEE-TEE

    Ford GT Drive (Orange County)

    It was indeed a nice gathering of GTs.