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  1. jbyrnes

    Joey, There's a GT listed on BAT, 05' no. 0435. I recall that some of the early GT's had cracks...

    Joey, There's a GT listed on BAT, 05' no. 0435. I recall that some of the early GT's had cracks in the front uprights and leaks with the rear main seal. Were those issues fixed by that serial no.? We lost our two GT's (and your book!) in the Colorado wildfires so looking to replace them. Do you...
  2. jbyrnes

    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    I agree with your thinking Tony. I believe that seals, especially high pressure ones like used in struts and A/C compressors, do better when kept lubricated. So as ironic as it seems the struts should last longer when used occasionally than when stored, whether or not they're stored on the shelf...
  3. jbyrnes

    Who had their NFGT out in Denver today...

    I don't know who's GT, but it was near the channel 9 studio on Speer this morning for a news story I saw promoting the Concours show on June 10 at Arapahoe Community College.
  4. jbyrnes

    #H023 sittiing in good company

    Not sure Brian how long it'll be there but I'll find out and let you know. And the Liquid Blue is my top pick too.
  5. jbyrnes

    #H023 sittiing in good company

    Found the Ron Pratte charity car from B-J Scottsdale doing a poor job at blending in at the Shelby American Collection in Boulder CO...
  6. jbyrnes

    Newbie - J040

    I'm a little surprised that the comp car doesn't come standard with the anchors for the 6 point harness's.
  7. jbyrnes

    Who can name a part used in the Tesla S and the New Ford GT

    Actually that was the Roadster on the Falcon, not the S. But for even more trivial trivia, does anyone know if there's parts on the Roadster shared with the 05' GT? The Roadster came out a few years after the GT's.
  8. jbyrnes

    To wrap, or not to wrap?

    From Chip's comment "Ford was pretty adamant that the cars cure for 30 days before wrapping them", since paint curing is time and temperature dependent I'd give it another couple of weeks to be safe if the car when delivered is kept in a cold garage.
  9. jbyrnes

    Ford GT Rally 12 Film

    Great video production! Kudos on the editing.
  10. jbyrnes

    Ouch! But deserved...

    Doubtful he'll be talking cars, but as an FYI I see that Cena will be on the Tonight Show tomorrow (Wed. night).
  11. jbyrnes

    When did you first fall in love with Ford GT40s?

    It was 1969 I think, I would have been 12, that the Cobra Caravan stopped at the local Goodyear dealer in Erie, PA. My memory is of a couple of Cobra's, a black GT-40, and some GT-350’s. It was lust at first sight. I still appreciate but don’t understand all the attention the Cobra’s got when...
  12. jbyrnes

    BEWARE - Kamikaze products

    It'll be easy to get it anodized once it's off, but unlikely it'll be a factory match. It looks like maybe a clear coat finish over a clear anodize. I"ll PM later with some info.
  13. jbyrnes

    COTA Texas Le Mans

    Sixth and seventh, out of a starting field of 8 in LMGTE PRO. Regardless, it was still great to meet up with the Texas forum guys. Thanks for the intro's Frank. And at least the spec series Ferrari Challenge race with 44 458 & 488's of mostly amateur drivers bang around a little made for some...
  14. jbyrnes

    Texas LeMans at COTA September 2017

    I'll be coming in for the race. Hope to see y'all at the ford trailer.
  15. jbyrnes


    Ummm, Pete. I don't want to sound like a Debbie downer, but if you're on your way to the rally from VA and seeing the Columbia River Gorge, you might want to turn around soon before you run out of road. You needed to take a left about a day ago.:eek
  16. jbyrnes

    Hesitation on light throttle

    Unlikely since you're not seeing the problem at idle or under load, but I had a similar sounding issue in a different car a few years ago, and fixed the problem with some dry gas. The gas in the tank was fresh but I filled just after flooding rains so I assume water got into the tank at the...
  17. jbyrnes

    Driving without the two rear belly pans?

    I while ago I had a mouse take up residence somewhere in the pans (sounded like a squirrel running around) so after traps at the wheels didn't work I took the pans off and went for an aggressive lap around my usual 20 mile circuit in the hills. No problems with the pans off even at speed, but...
  18. jbyrnes

    Karma Revero

    Attended the Denver concours show on Sunday and was parked next to this 2013 Karma (the only year produced as a Fisker) - coincidentally the same brown color. Amazing paint that only showed its deep metal flake (ground glass I was told) when the sun was out. Got more attention than the GT...
  19. jbyrnes


    Two thumbs up on the color! I hope there's some sort of agreement (gentleman's at least) that all the custom painted cars will remain a 1 of 1.