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    The Bronco Thread

    Ordered one for my youngest... Badlands with MIC top. Nothing yet, but I ordered late. I swear I will not borrow it ;)
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    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

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    Rally 13 cooking school sign up

    Check on the way... Thanks Jen!!!
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    Florida cars heading to the Rally

    On the list-- Thanks Ernie
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    Ford GT ppi in FL

    Tony at Autospecter--7862980385 Pretty sure hes done a few GTs. And he's in Miami
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    Rally to the Rally Party at Beck's Landing - October 30

    Chip Betti and I will be there. Thank you for hosting. Manny
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    Rally 13 Cooking Class

    Bill, Please add Betti Hevia Thank you.
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    Discharged NFGT battery problems.

    Thanks Doc!
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    Discharged NFGT battery problems.

    Did you drill into the flat battery post? Or attach the positive wire to the bolt inside the plastic box cover?
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    My day

    Congrats Terry!!! Enjoy! You know I love the color...
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    Call from concierge

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing more intriguing on this forum than you knowing the word "asere"
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    Call from concierge

    I got the call. I called back a day later to get clarification and when all was said and done I took it as a "poll". Def. no special spec. if you were lucky enough to move up in the line at some point. Gary our time frame for order/delivery is similar. Maybe they are looking to see if there...
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    K104 on the way......

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    Watch Your Inbox

    What a beautiful love letter... Very grateful-- Thank you Ford!!!
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    Happy Birthday 1418 !!

    Thanks everyone-- Hope to see many of you in Daytona.
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    Happy Birthday 1418 !!

    Thanks guys-- Application in and Daytona bound...
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    My 2018 GT order is in!

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    Sebring 2018 pictures and updates

    We will see you guys on Saturday. Nicolas gets in from school tomorrow so it's exciting to be able to attend the race with him. Save us some good seats!
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    2018 Rolex 24 at Daytona

    Those group photos really capture what an awesome experience these get-togethers are. Enjoy everyone... I'll catch you at Sebring! Manny