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  1. B. West

    GT Price Curve Now Vs Two Years Ago

    Roketman, I met you in Canada and you I know you are a super nice guy and one of the biggest GT advocates out here. But let’s be honest….. you secretly do care about these GT values because you comment on every thread discussing it and that’s okay. This post may be in jest but… stop shaming...
  2. B. West

    Ford Dealer Purchased NGT Service Program JimGlo Trailer for Sale - Another One

    Thanks to all who expressed interest. The trailer owner sold it locally this past weekend. Hi All, I have another opportunity for someone who may be interested in the factory required JimGlo Elite trailer that Servicing Ford dealers had to purchase as part of the servicing agreement to service...
  3. B. West

    FSA Gas Guzzler Tax?

  4. B. West

    Happy FORD of July my forum friends!

    Had a great time Randy. Thanks for the invite. It was a great event.
  5. B. West

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Yes Randy... Great to see you there as well. Your car looks even more amazing in person and received quite the reception from the crowd which is no surprise. The details are fantastic. Hopefully, we'll be parked near each other at some of these upcoming shows.
  6. B. West

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Went to the Marconi Museum Car Show hosted by Southbay Auto Club. This was a great show with some really nice cars. The best thing was the crowd.....Great energy and a tame atmosphere. Not a bunch of rowdy car spotters or loud exhaust contest. Just cool people who enjoyed super cars.
  7. B. West

    Just Curious........

    Good info. I was thinking more for the aesthetic but functional would be an added bonus. A scoop positioned over the rear window pushing air down to engine compartment or rear brakes might allow for keeping the rear wing. Either way, it would be a nice option.
  8. B. West

    Just Curious........

    As I see more MK II's hitting the ground, I'm really loving the roof scoop. For the very few fortunate members who have the luxury of owning an MK II and the fewer, even more fortunate who have owned both a NGT and an MK II, is it possible for the roof scoop to be retro-fitted to the road...
  9. B. West

    Diffuser blems?

    I had the exact same issue when my 2019 Carbon Series was delivered. Ford and Multimatic will consider it normal and not warranty it because it is an exposed non visible part of the car. Really frustrated me. I had my car paint corrected before wrapping and had the shop remove my diffuser for...
  10. B. West

    Finally getting around to new to me FGT

    Congrats. Car looks great. Wheels look killer. Great job. That’s a lot of rubber back there on 21’s. How is the ride?
  11. B. West

    New Raptor V8?

    No, they won't.
  12. B. West

    New Raptor V8?

    Hi Ed! I pm'd you last night I think. Actually, we will be making a 2021 MY Raptor. It will be a late availability but it will be 2021 MY.
  13. B. West

    2021 Graphics

    I saw this one in person at an unnamed dealership in Cali today. It really is pretty striking in person. Albeit was on a rack so I didn't get the eye level view....from what I could see, it turned really nicely. I think it is the first Studio Collection produced just like the one in the video.
  14. B. West

    New Ford Product

  15. B. West

    Favorite or Recommended Car Covers for your NFGT

    Here is the part number for the CoverKing cover I purchased and where I purchased it. Hope this helps.
  16. B. West

    L259 Delivered 0900 on 1/20/21

    Congratulations!!! Great spec.
  17. B. West

    The Bronco Thread

    Additionally, as we learn and continue to refine this process, we are constantly communicating with our dealers. The intent is to minimize any customer related issues.
  18. B. West

    The Bronco Thread

    Please keep in mind that this is a totally new vehicle and a new process altogether of distributing allocation via a reservation system. We have learned some things from Mach E and Bronco Sport however, the full size Bronco ordering process is totally different. It’s great that everyone is...