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  1. Fiji_99

    Trailer for ‘05 FGT

    In the market for a nice enclosed trailer. Would love to have a Trailex but open to other good solutions if anyone has or knows of something for sale let me know. Thanks, Jeremy 317-696-5156
  2. Fiji_99

    Woodward Dream Cruise

    Does anyone attend Woodward with their GT? If so do you park in Mustang Alley? Never been but I’m considering it this year, just wasn’t sure where to go.
  3. Fiji_99

    Is Trailex the best trailer for the GT

    I used my friends Trailex to pick up my GT and thought it was great. Are there other/better options? I’ve been searching for a used Trailex but have not had much luck. Looking for options and suggestions on where to look or if anyone knows of one for sale I’d appreciate the lead. Thanks!