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  1. Jim

    Building roll cage for 2005 Ford GT - any tips on joining mounting points to aluminum frame?

    I am in the process of building a FIA/NASA approved roll cage in a 2005 Ford GT and the rules don't address attachment strategies/requirements for attachment of the mounting points to the aluminum structures. The rules provide guidance for mounting plates (0.120" thickness minimum) size and how...
  2. Jim

    2005-2006 Ford GT new dry sump oil tank for sale

    Have brand new - in the box - dry sump oil tank for sale. Sold
  3. Jim

    New GT Transaxle For Sale - still in crate

    Sale Pending - I have a Ford GT transaxle, new in the crate for sale. I was going to use it for my GT-R1 build but when I purchased an engine, it came complete with a transaxle so no longer need it. Be great for a spare. Includes axle bolt kit. M-7003-GT. No core charge required.
  4. Jim

    WTB: Ford GT Catalyst pipes

    Looking for a set of Ford GT Catalyst pipes , takeoffs, new, etc. Only need the parts circled in red. Thanks, Jim
  5. Jim

    Silver Wheel paint code?

    Does anyone know what the paint code is for the Ford GT factory BBS optional wheel? I have a theory that it is the same as Quick Silver and that it is also the same as the frame silver. Help appreciated. Jim
  6. Jim

    2005 Ford GT For Sale

    I have made the tough decision to sell my grabber blue 2005 Ford GT. As most of you know, this is a rebuilt title car that I did all the repairs on in 2008 and it's been the most enjoyable car since for me these past 9 years. As a 32 year Ford Engineer and Ford GT Engineering Supv, it was...
  7. Jim

    New Front RH upright for sale

    I have a front right upright (new) leftover from my GT-R build. SOLD
  8. Jim

    Set of Rear Uprights for Sale

    Have a set of rear uprights. Lightly used and in great condition. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  9. Jim

    Set of Black Brake Calipers - take offs

    Have a set of Black Caipers there were take offs from a GT. I bought these long ago but will not need these now. They need a little cleaning but have all the brake clips, pads, and spring retainers. $1200 shipped. Paypal preferred.
  10. Jim

    Time to replace the original tires....suggestions?

    It's time to replace the original Goodyears on my 2005. Any suggestions on what to get? Slightly wider in front would be nice for appearance. Ride quality is highest priority over everything else for me. Michigan roads beat the snot out of me whenever I take her out for exercise.
  11. Jim

    Set of Base BBS Wheels and Tires with Centercaps for sale 0 miles

    I have a set of Base BBS Tires and wheels that are new takeoffs from a 2005 Ford GT with the original tires and stickers on them. Asking $4500.00
  12. Jim

    Ford GT Parts for sale - Time to clean out the shop

    It's time to clean the shop out and get ready for spring. Listed below is a bunch of parts for sale. Shipping is not included in the prices. I would prefer to keep shipping to the US only for now. Shipping outside the US is a pain but may consider it if the item does not sell. - Base BBS...
  13. Jim

    Got my Ford GT Recall Notice Today for Air Bag Replacement

    Got my recall notice in the mail today for airbag replacement. Not too overjoyed about taking and/or leaving the car at the Dealer. Will have to wait until spring when she comes out of storage. Rather babysit it when they do it. Better yet, do it myself or have the GTG's do it. Thanks Takata.
  14. Jim

    Got GT out of storage but the speedo quit

    Major bummed - it finally warmed up here in Dearborn, got the GT out of storage yesterday but the speedo quit working. Stuck on 10 mph. Guess my gauge luck ran out! :facepalm:
  15. Jim

    Ford GT 10th Anniversary Celebration at RIC Building at Ford Campus Yesterday

    We had a Ford Employee Car show at the Research & Innovation Center yesterday with a special 10th anniversary celebration of the Ford GT. They had parts on display with posters and explanations of the processes used. It was a fun day. I managed to get both cars there. People seemed to really...
  16. Jim

    Ford GT Headlamps for sale - Pair of Original New in Boxes from 2006

    * SOLD * I have a set of original ( first generation) "new in the boxes" Ford GT headlamps for sale. These are the headlamps from the 2006 time frame, not the replacement Korean lamps now sold thru dealers. RH Headlamp 4G7Z-13008-AC (Dealer list price = $3825.82) LH Headlamp...
  17. Jim

    Tach and oil pressure guage quit working....

    Started up the GT after 3 weeks sitting and the oil pressure and tach are dead. Any thoughts on cause? :confused
  18. Jim

    How Many Heritages did they build?

    Does anybody know how many Ford GT Heritage models were built?:confused
  19. Jim

    FS: Pair of Ford GT Seats - Brand New in Wrappers

    I have a pair of new Ford GT Seats for sale (drivers side and passenger side) - brand new, never sat in or installed in a car (still in the Sparco plastic wrap). I am asking about 50% of new MSRP price on these ($8900.00) which I think is very reasonable. I know that most of us get at least...
  20. Jim

    Wanted: Door side glass windows

    I am looking for the Driver and Passenger side door glass (not the quarter windows) if anyone knows of a car being parted out. These are super expensive from the Ford Dealer - I was hoping to save on some used ones. I also need the seals around the windows too but the glass is the main thing...