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  1. Piana

    Looking for Shelby or Superformance Street version Roadster

    I like the no scoop, no roll bar and rear exhaust Cobra. I would look at glass or aluminum. Let me know if there is one out there. Thanks
  2. Piana


    I'm buying a 2018 GT. Does anyone know what I must do to get the warranty in my name? Does it automatically transfer to the new owner?
  3. Piana

    Need a new GT

    I'm looking for a the new GT. I'm ready to buy and a sale will be handled very discreetly.
  4. Piana

    Heritage for sale

    Heritage with 6,700 mile. I am the second owner. Excellent condition. Never tracked. I also have the original BBS wheels and tires. Contact me or more info and more photos. I'm buying one of the new GTs, so this one must be sold.
  5. Piana

    Extended Warranty

    Is there such a thing as an extended warranty on the new GT?
  6. Piana

    Standard Wheels and center caps

    Can anyone help me with a set of standard wheels and caps? Let me Know. Thanks.
  7. Piana

    Mini Nats Sonoma Raceway

    Who's going? I'll be there Friday and Saturday.
  8. Piana

    GTX-1 For Sale

    I'm buying a red/white to convert to GTX-1. The blue/white is now for sale to someone who doesn't want to wait for one of these great roadsters! $74,500 in options including two tops. $275,000. Call for photos and info. Tom 650-787-4840
  9. Piana

    Front Wheel and Tire

    Yes, the curb jumped out and I need a new stock BBS wheel and tire ( The tire is ok, but if someone has tire and wheel, I'll take it. ) Maybe one of the GTX-1 converters with the wheel option would let one go.
  10. Piana

    Gtx-1 023

    Just received a call from Dave at Genaddi. My GTX-1 is in Nevada and will be here by noon tommarrow. Sleep much tonight?
  11. Piana

    Radar Detector-What's Good?

    Not that I'll ever need it, any suggestions?