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    The Designer
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    This is AWESOME!

    What a rush!
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    Shelby Code Red

    This thing is a monster! Pretty slick system too.
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    1964 Holman Moody prepaired Fairlane 500 attacks Nurburgring
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    Steve Saleen's Ford GT up for auction
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    RIP Bob Tasca Sr
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    Good article about SVT

    Nice write up on SVT with video interview with Jamal. Enjoy:cheers
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    Twin turbo GT-500

    This thing hauls.:thumbsup
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    Ford Establishes Global Performance Vehicles Dept.

    Maybee we will get some of Europes good stuff sooner.
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    Shelby Black Hornet on ebay

    100% of sale price goes to Carroll Shelby Children Foundation...
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    Top Gear Aussie GT

    They test the first right hand drive GT.
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    Greg Biffle GT500 Drag race

    Here is a video of Greg Biffle racing his GT500 vs a Ford GT That thing is fast. Enjoy:cheers
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    Cobra Concept Launch & Dyno Pull

    Launch Dyno Pull Enjoy:cheers
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    Chris Theodore is new CEO of Saleen

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    Camilo's New Car

    If you look close enough you can see Camilo's car in the back ground:lol
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    New Camilo Video

    This was filmed a couple of weeks ago when the Red bull air races were here. Keith
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    Autograph GT vid
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    Hot Blond driving a Ferrari

    We need to get her behind the wheel of a GT. Enjoy:cheers Scode
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    Shelby's personal 1969 GT 500

    How much do think this will bring at Barrett Jackson? Scode
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    Ford GT gets stuck in the mud