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  1. Gary

    You will be invited.

    If you own a Ford GT you will be invited to our "Delivery Party". It will be in early June. Location, about 30 miles south of St Louis MO. Plenty of room to park or camp in our 25 acre yard. More info to follow when delivery date is firm.
  2. Gary

    Multimatic designed race track coming to Lake of the Ozarks Missouri Great place for a future GT Forum Rally.
  3. Gary

    Enjoy this

  4. Gary

    Formula One, Drive to Survive on Netflix

    With all this time on our hands suggest you check our Formula One, Drive to Survive on Netflix. It is amazing reality exposure of Formula One teams and drivers with the most fantastic real racing footage. It covers two seasons, 2018 and 2019. Its addictive.
  5. Gary

    Ordered my Speed Yellow Carbon Series NFGT today

    Sent email to concierge saying i would be willing to get my NFGT before my original window slot and they said OK..
  6. Gary

    Call from concierge

    Received a call this AM asking if i would consider moving up my delivery date for a Heritage or Carbon series in 2020 or 2021. I told her i would consider it. My original date window is July 2021 -Dec 2021 for a 2022 model. Any one else get a similar call?
  7. Gary

    Insufficient privilege to post in certain areas

    Insufficient privilege to post in certain areas. What is this about
  8. Gary

    Looking for upgrade optional Ford set of wheels for a 2005 GT.

    Planning on buying a used GT to replace mine that i recently crashed. Found one i like but it has the standard OEM wheels. Mine had the optional upgrade wheels. Anyone have a set of the optional wheels they would like to sell?
  9. Gary

    Brought tears to my eyes,

    Heading up to Sinclair Ford this am about 7:15 to install new fuel gauge. Clear day with temperature 20 degrees, high :cry:humidity on to I-55 north into passing lane in 3rd gear. I've done this hundreds of times. Never when it was this cold with my GT. Frost on highway. Started to spin...
  10. Gary

    Fuel gauage.

    Fuel gauage on my 2005 GT quit working. Any suggestions.
  11. Gary

    Fuel gage

    My fuel gauge stopped working. Suggestions welcome.
  12. Gary

    Secondary market.

    Have any of the early NFGT's sold on secondary market at this point.
  13. Gary

    2019 Rally

  14. Gary

    Good news, bad news.

    Just received my email stating I've been selected for the opportunity to buy a NFGT. Thats the good news. The bad news is how am i going to convince by wonderful wife Linda that I want to spend a half million $$$ on a NFGT
  15. Gary

    Fastest Ford ever.
  16. Gary

    Don't understand

    Still don't understand how a Ford GT owner who owns and has owned numerous new Ford products who additionally provided a $1000 out of his pocket to any of 150 employees who bought a new Ford product in a 90 day window in 2009 when Ford refused a government bailout and who received a personal...
  17. Gary

    How do we rejected access our application as is referred to in our bad new letter?

    How do we rejected access our application, as is referred to in our bad news letter?
  18. Gary

    Ford Video of NGT parade lap at LeMans. Is that Frank? Check this neat Video.
  19. Gary

    My 63 Thunderbird