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  1. GT101

    Europe- parts where?

    Thanks for the recommendation guys - I'm now on the case with Erwin.
  2. GT101

    Lowering Perches

    Email sent....
  3. GT101

    A Tribute to Alan Mann Racing - the new 2022 Heritage Edition Ford GT

    I had the very great pleasure of handing Alan the keys to his 2005 Ford GT when we delivered it to him in Surrey. He was 70 by then but still very much an enthusiast. We still look after that (also red) car today, now with its second owner who used to work with Alan. The pictures of the new GT...
  4. GT101

    Paint code help

    Pretty sure these are brushed aluminium which is then anodised - so not painted.
  5. GT101

    Wheel centres for BBS optional wheel - now available

    We are talking to the same supplier about having these made too…
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    Dust boots and sway bar bushes

    Ford don't service the dust boots for the lower control arms or tie rods separately so we've sourced these and supplied a number of owners in the past. To make purchasing easier they're now listed on our online store: We've also listed our GT101 front...
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    Wheel centres for BBS optional wheel - now available

    As you all probably know Ford discontinued the wheel centres for the optional lightweight BBS multispoke wheels some time ago. We see a lot of cars with corrosion under the clear lacquer so have been looking for a solution. We now have had replacements produced in the UK - these have been...
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    Tiny oil spots on the rear windshield

    Also check the main oil hose that connects to the top of the oil tank. We've seen these seep enough for oil to run down and once it's in the area of the belts it can go anywhere.
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    FEAD belt diagram.

  10. GT101

    Sway bar bushing kit & tires

    No problem Ron - You have mail
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    Sway bar bushing kit & tires

    We have had new poly versions of the front sway bar bushes made - principally we did this because the stock rubber ones do harden over time and are pretty expensive for a simple D bush. The stiffness is similar to stock though this isn't so critical on a primarily radial bush anyway. We sell...
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    HVAC vent control switch

    We do use a camera probe to check the fault here - unfortunately that's the easy bit..
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    HVAC vent control switch

    We've not seen a control actually fail - much more common is the motors that move the blend doors - there are three and they are deeply buried in behind the cross car beam which means access is a major task. The heater box that they're mounted on is one of the first parts put into the body...
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    Ford GT Carbon Series Exhaust

    I believe the connection point is different too. Until we get a proper look at the parts side by side it’s impossible to say what can be done, but I’m certain it’s possible to build a sports exhaust to fit the 21MY cars.
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    Ford GT Carbon Series Exhaust

    Essentially yes that is correct. The 21MY European cars have particulate filters as well as catalysts in the exhaust. The particulate filters have both temperature sensors and pressure sensors (before and after) which are located after the point at which the optional exhausts (Akrapovich...
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    Engine seems to miss in higher RPM range, Any thoughts?

    As GT@50 says I'd check the fuel pump relays. Also check the intercooler pump is running ok - these can get weak or fail and the higher intake air temps cause real power issues. You should see a strong flow from the pump swirling in the coolant reservoir
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    Clutch Fluid Change

    Exactly as Kendall says - my only little added tip would be use a bungee cord to pull the clutch pedal back up - it's easier than using your toes...
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    Ford GT Rally XIII - Registration

    Booked - along with flights (hoping I don't have to wear a mask for 11 hours in a plane though...) I'll be bringing a rental of some sort so if anyone wants stuff lugged to the track or wherever just let me know. 4 months to go - looking forward to it.
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    My GT´s 2005 and 2020

    The ongoing inspection system varies by country. In the UK we have an annual Ministry of Transport (MOT) test which kicks in when a car is 3 years old and is annual thereafter. Emissions will be tested then but the MOT test is not so stringent but they do inspect to see if the OE emissions...
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    My GT´s 2005 and 2020

    We now have Gasoline Particulate Filters on GT (from 20MY I believe). These are needed to meet the latest EU Emissions requirements. It's the same on Mustang GT too. The particulate filters are more restrictive than just catalysts (which it still has of course) hence higher back pressure and...