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  1. Jason's Auto Spa

    Out of State Detailing Requests

    In my other thread (Link) I was asked about detailing near Vancouver, BC and Washington and at least wanted to gauge if there are anymore interested near there. Larry (Empty Pockets) I still have your request form filled out if you were interested also. Are there other GT owners that don't...
  2. Jason's Auto Spa

    WTB: GT Saver Floor Jack Adapters

    I left my set in Arizona and would like a second set anyway for Illinois, does anyone know where I can purchase these? (Thread Link)
  3. Jason's Auto Spa

    Scottsdale Rally to Rally IV Detailing

    Is there any interest in getting your GT's detailed, hand washed, etc.. at the Scottsdale Rally to the Rally IV? I have a home five minutes from Chip's house with deionized water and since I am bringing the new 40 ft. trailer this time, I can supply all of my normal equipment and run full...
  4. Jason's Auto Spa

    Anyone near Woodland Hills, CA?

    That's where I'll be in November visiting my girlfriend's family. It would be cool to match names with faces or catch up with you guys at a local event. :thumbsup
  5. Jason's Auto Spa

    Jason's Auto Spa Cruise 2008 *DUW*

    Wonderful weather for the Jason's Auto Spa Cruise to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin today! An amazing 72 cars were in attendance and the evening went off without a hitch and the prime rib buffet was excellent! Special thanks to all of the local auto clubs that were in attendance and everyone that helped...
  6. Jason's Auto Spa

    Fuel Price Perspective?

    I'd rather pay $4.50... - To travel 15 miles - To comfortably sit in an air conditioned vehicle - To listen to whatever music I choose - To get where I need to be in mere minutes Or I could pay $0.00... - Walk for 15 miles - On an 85*F day, sweating profusely - No music - It'll take 5 hours of...
  7. Jason's Auto Spa

    Detailing in Marietta, GA: July 20th-27th, 2008

    I am pleased to announce that I will be detailing out of Team Ford in Marietta, GA this month! If anyone in the area is interested, please drop me a line as openings are filling fast - This Yankee is looking forward to crossing the Mason-Dixon and seeing friendly faces...
  8. Jason's Auto Spa

    Detailing at Rally III - It's Official!

    Thanks to DBK for lining up a location and to Shelby Automobiles, Inc. for allowing us to use it, Jason's Auto Spa will be detailing at Rally III in Las Vegas as well as the Scottsdale Rally to the Rally! JASON'S AUTO SPA Rally to the Rally - September 8th-10th / Scottsdale, AZ Rally III -...
  9. Jason's Auto Spa

    Detailing at Rally III - Las Vegas, 2008

    If I can find a location to detail out of, it is likely I will detail in Scottsdale and follow you guys to Las Vegas (Following slower :wink) and detail there as well. I can detail during the day or overnight when the cars are parked. The biggest question is where I can detail out of. If I...
  10. Jason's Auto Spa

    GT Detailing - Scottsdale Rally 2008

    Just checking to see if there is any interest in having your Ford GT detailed prior to the Las Vegas Rally? Once it has been detailed and coated with Zaino, it will be much easier to maintain - Not only during the rally but for many upcoming months. For reference on my website, I am offering the...
  11. Jason's Auto Spa

    Gt500 & Cts-v

    Are there any GT500 owners out there that can comment on how a GT500 compares to an 04-07 Cadillac CTS-V as far as handling and general feel for the road? I looked on the internet for a comparison thinking someone may have commented on it before but I guess not. This may be a shot in the dark...
  12. Jason's Auto Spa

    Hand Painting Vs. Automated Painting

    I'm sure this is no surprise to anyone, although I find it pretty cool to look at and compare. These are total thickness readings (not just clear coat readings) of two vehicles I recently detailed. By Hand (2001 Ferrari 360 Spider) Check out the difference between the driver & passenger door...
  13. Jason's Auto Spa

    That Car Wash Detail Job...YouTube Scary stuff. I had to shield my eyes. So you think it took a week for the interior to dry? :shrug
  14. Jason's Auto Spa

    1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

    Check out this 1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost in Scotland. They spent four days detailing it: Absolutely stunning vehicle IMHO and a pleasure to watch the transformation...Just thought someone else would like to see. :thumbsup
  15. Jason's Auto Spa

    Hey Pilots...

    I'll be sharing the skies with you on the 13th as I take my first introductory flight lesson. :banana After an orientation, I will inspect the aircraft with the instructor, communicate with the tower, taxi, take off, and have the controls of the 2003 Piper Archer III for 60 minutes in the air...
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    1st Gen/2nd Gen Dodge Viper Question

    I drove a 1994 Dodge Viper some years back through the Valley of Fire in Nevada and the surrounding hills. It was a fun ride, and I was wondering what changed between the 1994 and 1998 models other than airbags. When I drove the 1994, the interior was pretty hot. There was a decent amount of...
  17. Jason's Auto Spa

    C6 Nitrous Fire

    and I quote: "Long story short... N20 backfire took out the intake manifold and fuel rails at high speed. Friend thought the bottom end let loose... Didn't smell much at 150+mph. Rather than shut it down and have to stop with no brakes or power steering he coasted it to a stop. By the time it...
  18. Jason's Auto Spa

    Donated GTX1 Jackets

  19. Jason's Auto Spa

    Jason's Auto Spa Recent Details / Updates

    Rather than creating new threads about each individual vehicle, event, and update, I will be posting everything in one thread - So if you are interested in my work, like looking at some sparkling vehicles, or would like to see what is going on here recently - This is the place :thumbsup I will...
  20. Jason's Auto Spa

    Historic Town for Sale It could be the official FGT Meet town :rofl