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  1. Jim

    New build

    I suppose it's the challenge of the build. For those that built model cars and airplanes when they were kids will get it. Some guys want to built their own track / custom car and not butcher up a perfectly good GT. Others bought entire powertrains and supporting hardware from crashed GT cars...
  2. Jim

    New build

    There are several of us working on building our cars. Slow process but collecting up parts and working away.
  3. Jim

    Foose bumper delete

    When I was working on the GT Program, I had a similar thought; cut the frame rails short (or make my own) and have a body colored snap-on cap (3D printed?). That way you can use al the stock based parts.
  4. Jim

    Anyone put Ford GT items on their Xmas lists?

    Was hoping Santa would leave me a Gauge Module (goes in the IP on the LH side) in my stocking; need it to complete my latest build but no luck. And I was good this year!
  5. Jim

    Carbon fiber 05-06 Ford GT belly pans

    Sign me up for a clamshell!
  6. Jim

    Mose Nowland Tribute Video

    Really miss him. He was in my shop almost every Tuesday and Sunday since about 2000 helping with restoration projects and GT builds. We had some great times including restoring his 1926 Model T Doctors coupe.
  7. Jim

    Parts for sale

    Headlights and Coolant tank showed up - just terrific! Helps my new "build-from-scratch-build" a bunch
  8. Jim

    Parts for sale

    I'll take the headlights and coolant reservoir
  9. Jim

    WTB: Ford GT Catalyst pipes

    Still looking for a set of these for my 5.4L Build. Thanks.....
  10. Jim

    Parts for Sale 2005 Ford GT

    Thanks Jerry for the Parking brake parts. Machined up the missing handle. Good to go.
  11. Jim

    Parts for Sale 2005 Ford GT

    Interested in Door sills, Parking brake parts, tail lights, and clamshell vents. Sent PM. THanks
  12. Jim

    GT makes Hagerty's 2021 Bull Market List

    ...But banging your head on the door is about the coolest thing ever.....
  13. Jim

    WTB new, unused 05/6 car cover

    I see they are about $524 from Ford Dealer (List = $680). Part Number is 5G7Z-19A412-A But I see someone has one NIB on ebay right now. Starting bid $400...
  14. Jim

    Brand new: set of harnesses, mounting clips, harness bars

    Is there a date on them? Most DE and track car inspections have 5 or 6 year "out of date" restrictions.
  15. Jim

    2005-06 Ford GT Build from Scratch Project

    Silverbullitt, I've used new boots purchased off ebay to replace the rear lower control arm bushing. The boot size is 22 30 20 and there is an outfit from Bulgari (don't laugh) that sells them. No issues with delivery. If you go on ebay and search "dust boots 22 30 20" you will get hits...
  16. Jim

    Ford GT Chassis for sale

    Lance, I will take it! Can pick up at or after nationals. Thanks Spartan for calling to let me know!
  17. Jim

    New tire tech

    Well....I went to go get my new tires mounted at Discount Tire since they came in yesterday..... only to find that 2 of the "new" 4 tires had date codes of 2013 and 2016. Discount tire was good about it since they had agreed when I purchased that the date codes would not be any older than 2019...
  18. Jim

    New tire tech

    I went with what everyone seems to recommend and run these days for a street tire. I think if I track it, I'd get a second set of wheels and mount some Hoosiers. Used them for years on my 911 with success: Bridgestone Potenza RE050 265/40 R18 P/N: 101Y XL BSW MB 345/35 R19 P/N: 110Y...
  19. Jim

    New tire tech

    They could only promise they would be no older than 2019. Ordered thru Discount tire (exact same price as Tire Rack) . The part numbers have changed since a couple years ago.