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    Looking for a low mileage 2006 GT

    Anything under 1500 please! Except red and white 😄
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    Looking for a stripe delete blue car

    Anyone have a source? or a black/blue/tungsten car. and if admin is here, i am a paid member but still cant post on classified. How do i do that?
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    Battery tender. How to hook up?

    I have a ctek battery tender I bought a while ago. Can I simply plug this into the 12v cigar jack area and all set?
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    Want to buy a clean FGT

    I bought one but looking for one more. Sub 2000 mile car with little to no rock chips/normal frunk/etc. color preference is blue black white tungsten. Please let me know. to mod-i paid $50 for gold membership but still cant post on marketplace 😭
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    Looking for a paint chip artist in Michigan

    GT i bought as a very tiny rock chip that is triggering my OCD i looked at some youtube videos and there are some guys who will put their soul and dedication into repairing these. Does anyone know a detailer who will fix it like it. Any lead is highly appreciated
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    Hot results at BJ Auction

    Yellow Modified car with 8000 miles went for 440,000 including premium Black car with 5700 miles also went for 440,000 Red car with 6000 miles went for 412,500
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    Destroyed car right after auction

    I was looking at some auction sites and came across this gt Less than 15 miles later, the car is totaled. Anyone knows what happened?
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    Ford Gt color and value

    It seems like it matters a lot these days for values. I am still hunting for a car and found the following. 1) Heritage - commands the most premium 2) Yellow - If I remember correctly, never commanded a significant premium but these days, it is commanding crazy premium now 3) Blue and Black -...
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    What are the red flags upon inspection?

    I always check out the car before calling in a ppi. What are some common red flags or deal breakers or concerns (i guess yellow flags) that an inexperienced person can notice? thank you in advance
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    So i checked out a car today and need members advices

    Car was in a decently clean shape with 4000 miles and little bit of swirl mark. Obviously no PPF. I saw one area in the frunk where I saw a spider web cracking on the clear coat and 3 areas of rock chip. One in the front bumper. 2 in the passenger door. Believe all thru the metal. First of...
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    Ford GT ppi in FL

    Any recommendations guys? also before calling in ppi, anything I should look for as a red flag?
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    Market timing is bad

    I have been lurking around here since 2017. Should have pulled trigger back then but i was too dumb, stupid and scared to drop 250k+ on a car. Settled on porsche gt car instead. Now, prices are in 300k zone, i am trying to buy one. Well, should I wait for market to cool or just pull the trigger...
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    In market for NFGT, can you guys explain different variations?

    I am slowly trying to get into NFGT market. Well i understand its too late to get an allocation but i did some research and is bombared with so many variations 1. Heritage Pack - is this limited like the old school GT? 2. Carbon package - theres the grey/orange one for extra 50k to save few...
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    Looking for Blue or Tungsten GT

    If anyone has a lead! Please let me know. Anything under 4k miles! Thank you guys!
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    Heritage with 270 miles sold for 340k

    I just missed it but someone got lucky. Heritage prices are coming down. Why?
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    Looking for 2006 Blue Ford GT in immaculate condition

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a 2006 blue ford GT in immaculate condition. Preferably less than 1000 miles. Would you guys have any leads for it? Thank you.
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    BaT auction on 2006 FORD GT 12 bids. Reserve not met at $245k. Red car with 4000 miles. No mods.
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    Taking a look at a potential car to buy prior to PPI

    Hi Guys, I'm still researching and found few potential cars I'd like to purchase. (My largest purchase have been 911 so FGT is a whole new level for me, especially as it is buying an used collectible car). Before hiring an expert to perform PPI for me, I'd like to fly around the country and...
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    GT sales price by color

    Recently, I've been looking at some GT sales data (mostly from mecum and sotheby's) and it seems like Red and Tungsten cars are commanding less premium (around 20~30k) compared to Black / Blue cars. Is this a simple coincidence. Or, are black/blue cars more preferred by the public?
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    Importing US car to Canada. Is it complicated?

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask anyone who has first hand or second hand experience with importing US car to Canada. Being a US made car, it is duty free to import it. But, what gets me is that I heard the car should be 1) equipped with DRL 2) be free of airbag recalls If anyone know...