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    1 Lemans forgot who

    The guys on the Fox Nascar broadcast mentioned the car when they were talking to Kurt Busch.
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    Camilo and Jay Leno

    I am sure he probably discussed the window topic as well as many others but it may have ended up on the cutting room floor due to time constraints.
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    Certification by Ford

    My pleasure!
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    Certification by Ford

    Try this. Or if you only want the cert then try this...
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    J00162 Arrives in Detroit

    Congratulations and THANK YOU Rex for purchasing your new GT from me and Jack Demmer Ford! It's been quite a fun journey and a real pleasure helping you get the Ford GT you deserve. Thanks to Dave for being a gracious host today. I always enjoy talking shop with you. The ICON garage is always a...
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    Ford discontinuing many models in the future

    Ford Credit returned $26 BILLION to Ford Motor Company over the past 20 years
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    Focus RS vs Shelby GT350 at M1 Concourse

    I believe that is Dean Martin's shop. KohR Motorsports.
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    Attending a NFGT delivery.

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    Nice write up! Gorgeous car Dave!
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    Is it a Mustang??

    1963 Cougar II (Vignale) Concept car.
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    Reflections after 6 weeks

    :cheers Great write up Nick! I am glad the car has more than exceeded your expectations. Thank you for choosing me to the purchase your GT from as wall as all your other vehicles over the years! It was very nice of you to take the time and bring it to my dealership to take me for a ride. It was...
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    The Ford GT Application Process Begins

    We don't charge above MSRP @ Jack Demmer Ford either. We sold all of our GT-350s at MSRP as well. They were all sold before they got here because of it. Keith
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    Has anyone received or seen a GT350 on a dealers lot?

    GT 350 R's are still bringing stupid money from other Dealerships trying to buy them. I was offered $40,000 over sticker from another Dealer in Miami for a 2016 R that one of the owners of my Dealership kept for himself.
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    Has anyone received or seen a GT350 on a dealers lot?

    One of those only had nine miles on it.
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    GT350R Price?

    It wont tell me that yet because i am not the original dealer.
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    GT350R Price?

    It shows in Pat Milliken's inventory but at the plant
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    Ford GT Forum turns 10

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    Our fearless leaders BiRtHdAy!!!

    :cheersHappy Birthday Dave!