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  1. Gary

    Funny and Exciting Story.

    Please explain your comments in 2nd paragraph. They seem to cast a shadow over those who received later allocations.
  2. Gary

    Funny and Exciting Story.

  3. Gary

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    All i can say is WOW.
  4. Gary

    Next FORD GT rally?

  5. Gary

    Next FORD GT rally?

    I got a ticket in Utah trying to catch up with the group.
  6. Gary

    Bro, it's a Ford GT

    How many times have I said "Thats not a Mustang"?
  7. Gary

    Next FORD GT rally?
  8. Gary

    Next FORD GT rally?

    OUR STORY Ozarks International Raceway is a 3.97 miles state-of-the-art facility at the heart of the Ozarks. The Missouri-based international track has several layouts, but the longest configuration truly shows what this facility is about with its 19 thrilling corners and a 150 feet elevation...
  9. Gary

    Next FORD GT rally?

    Consider Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Brand new track Multimatic is involved in. I can obtain Wave runner, Pontoon or Jet boat availability
  10. Gary

    Looking for a GT (2005-6), first time buyer would like to know a bit more.

    Dipped? Have you checked Bring a Trailer? Through the roof.
  11. Gary

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome. Been a member since 2006. If you own a Ford GT this forum is a must.
  12. Gary

    Last 200 fin

  13. Gary

    Last 200 fin

    A dream come true for a motorhead from rural Missouri. To think I have two of the most impressive automobiles ever made in my garage is beyond unbelievable.
  14. Gary

    For you guys doing your own oil change at 600 miles/1000 km

    I took my NFGT to my selling dealer (Dave Sinclair Ford in St Louis) with 800 miles for an oil change and an alignment issue observed by the steering wheel not being centered when going straight. Need some shims to fix . Still waiting for those. Apparently, as a goodwill gesture from Ford, they...
  15. Gary

    Next GT rendering

    No Fun.
  16. Gary

    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    Sa Saw the guy on the left's picture in the post office.