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  1. GTMD

    Welcome Home M199!

    Dear Fellow Ford Fans, It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to M199. My family welcomed her into our lives this Sunday, December 5th and what a day it was! Although the wait was long and the day was cold, damp and overcast, it ended up being, quite honestly, one of the most...
  2. GTMD

    Curious Shifting Issue

    Hey Guys, Looking for a little advice on a shifting issue that started to develop over the last few times I've driven my '06 that seems to be getting progressively worse. As I mentioned, I own a 2006 red/white GT with 6,700 miles on it and I took the car out a couple of times over the past...
  3. GTMD

    X-Pipe ID

    Hey GT Experts! I just bought the x-pipe below and the previous owner couldn't remember exactly who the manufacturer was. He suggested that I post here to see if someone could ID it. It's a beautiful piece, looks to be made of stainless and is ceramic coated/polished. Any suggestions on who...
  4. GTMD

    Our Application Video

    OK, here it is. :facepalm: Don't be too harsh...I know it's more than a little cheese ball but at least it's done, uploaded and totally genuine. I'm personally sleeping better now that it's out of my hands. That aside, Jen and I wish you all the best of luck in getting an allocation. You...
  5. GTMD

    Rally 13 Info?

    Hey DBK, et al., I'm sure there's probably some mad planning going on around the dates and location for Rally 13. Just curious if I could get a little info so I can block the time on my calendar. Jen and I had a spectacular time last year at Rally 12. Looking forward to seeing everyone and...
  6. GTMD

    Supercharger Touch Up Advice?

    Hey All, When I was swapping the supercharger pulley before the Rally this year, I noticed a small nick in the supercharger paint near the back of the blower. Now that I'm finished cleaning and polishing the car from the trip, I want to address the small nick in the paint. Has anyone ever...
  7. GTMD

    Helmets for Track Day

    Hi Folks, Seeing as helmets are required for our track day, is it recommended that we buy/bring our own or will there be helmets available for rent/borrowing? Thanks and sorry for the rookie question :shrug Seth
  8. GTMD

    Group Buy Opportunity: Pro-Tint Windshield Tear-Offs for Rally 12

    Hey All! I just got off the phone with Andrew at Pro-Tint out of North Carolina. I was inquiring about windshield tear-offs for both the road and track day at the Rally. Although I don't have any personal experience with their product, he indicated that he's done a number of 2017 Ford GTs and...
  9. GTMD

    GT Spotted: Carmichael, CA

    Leaving the hospital yesterday, 10/3, around 5pm and caught the glimpse of a red GT with white stripes making a right from San Juan Ave onto Madison Ave heading east. I was too far back to catch a picture and didn't see where it went from there. Anyone know who it might have been? Curious if...