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  1. EasyEric

    Failed Gauges Redux

    Hello Forum members. I'm finally ready to replace all my failed gauges on my '05 GT. I've acquired new fuel, engine temp and boost gauges from Autometer. I now need to source a new speedometer. Does anyone have a good (best price) source they can recommend? Also, some time ago, there was a...
  2. EasyEric

    Clamshell Top and Side Vents

    Hello All. I am looking for the part numbers for the OEM top and side rear clamshell vents. Unfortunately I can not find these parts or the part numbers in my shop manual. And before you ask, yes, I am considering the aftermarket billet versions of these parts but would like to price the OEM...
  3. EasyEric

    Fuse Box Diagram

    Hello Guys, I think I blew the fuse in the accessory socket (cigarette lighter adapter) and need to know where to look to replace it. I believe there is a fuse box in the passenger foot well. I have the shop manual, but can't find a diagram or listing of the fuses there. Can someone point me...
  4. EasyEric

    HVAC controller(s) (help needed)

    Hello everyone. I am in need of assistance from the forum. I am troubleshooting a problem with the HVAC controls on my 2005 GT. The problem is the HVAC controls don’t function. Nor do they illuminate when the headlamp switch is activated (all the panel gauges do illuminate). The battery is...
  5. EasyEric

    Underbody panel part number needed...

    Does anyone have the part number and/or price for the fornt engine underbody panel (the one in the middle, NOT the diffuser)? I have the shop manual but can't find the part number for it anywhere. Thanks in advance, Eric
  6. EasyEric

    Ford GT Weblog

    For those that are unaware of this, here is an ongoing BLOG of the Ford GT by Karl Brauer (ENZO BTR) of Eric
  7. EasyEric

    High Octane Fuel

    Some time ago I promised in this link: to update all about my experience with different fuels. So far I have found that Shell and BP fuels are good. In the Atlanta area where I am, the one fuel brand I have had poor results with is QT...
  8. EasyEric

    Accufab Install

    Fellow members, With the help of Bill (FFCobra) I installed the Accufab X-pipe yesterday. The most difficult part of the install is removing the original muffler. In my case this was made MUCH easier by the use of Bill's 4-post lift which was excellent. Removing the clamshell helps a lot and...
  9. EasyEric

    More tchotchkes!

    I obtained these chrome caps from They're actually for a Mustang but they fit the GT perfectly. They have less "bling" and are less expensive than the similar FRPP pieces. Eric
  10. EasyEric

    Welcome Back Neilda

    ...glad to have you back Neil. The forum missed your witty banter. How was your European sojourn? How has the car held up? Eric
  11. EasyEric

    WTB: Accufab X-pipe

    I know this is a shot in the dark, but does anyone have an Accufab X-pipe sitting around they want to sell? Accufab says they have a 3 week delivery time (!) but I would like to get something sooner. E-mail or PM me with price. Regards, Eric
  12. EasyEric

    WTB BBS rear lightweight wheel

    Please PM or e-mail me with price if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  13. EasyEric

    Removing Rear Clamshell

    I know the easiest way to remove the rear clamshell is to have a couple of buddies hold the clam while the pins are pulled. My questions is, how do you disconnect the clam from the hydraulic struts that hold the clam open? Do you remove the three bolts and the plate that connect to the clam? or...
  14. EasyEric

    Atlanta GT Meeting (pics)

    Kirby, Tungsten, Lamboman, Callchuck and myself had the inaugural Atlanta GT owners meeting today. We ate and drank and swapped funny car stories. Lamboman and Tungsten both have modified exhausts on their cars so we decided to use Tungsten's decibel meter to compare loudness. Lamboman's was...
  15. EasyEric

    Another subtle model year difference

    By now, I'm sure many forum members know the front radiator grille was omitted on 2006 cars. I recently noticed that the the brackets that secure the oil resevoir to the frame are BLACK on 2006 cars and GRAY on 2005. Has anyone noticed any other subtle model year differences? Eric
  16. EasyEric

    GT in September Road & Track

    Ford GT in September Road & Track September issue of Road & Track has a feature that pits the American sports cars (Viper, Z06 and GT) Against the best from Europe (Gallardo, new 911 Turbo and the F430). The resutls are too comprehensive for me to list here, but the GT had the best 1/4 mile...
  17. EasyEric

    Poor Man's Transaxle Cooler

    Forum Members, One of the surest methods to solve the transaxle venting problem is to install the Ford Racing Performance Products (FRPP) transaxle cooler for the GT. However at $1,300 it was a little too much for what I was willing to pay to solve this problem. Therefore I set out to rig up my...
  18. EasyEric

    Tire Life

    Has anyone had to replace their tires yet? If so what was the mileage you attained before a new set was required? It would be nice if you could give some context when replying, i.e., give a description of your driving habits. After all, if you're gettin' on it and performing burnouts every day...
  19. EasyEric

    Any 4 post lifts in the Atlanta area?

    My Car is ready to have it's first oil change. However, after reading about the dufficulties some of the dealers are having finding the proper jack points with with 2 post lifts, I have endeavored to change my own oil. Are there any forum members in the Atlanta area with a 4 post lift willing...
  20. EasyEric

    Mileage Check-in

    Curious about how much driving everyone is doing with their GT (or GTs for some :biggrin ) now that summer is upon us. Had my my GT for 2.5 months and just passed 2000 miles today. Eric