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  1. twobjshelbys

    Stillen Diffusers

    Extra set of Stillen Diffusers for sale Hi all I ordered the Stillen diffusers and from all the descriptions it looked like they were singles and fit either side so I ordered two. It turns out that it is a pair so I have two full sets. Stillen would charge me a restocking fee and return...
  2. twobjshelbys

    Ford ups New Ford GT production to 1350 units

    It's open enrollment time! Starts 8-Nov!
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    Larry Miller collection at the Shelby American Collection
  4. twobjshelbys

    Bridgestone tires at Amazon?

    I just saw a blurb that Amazon and Sears are co-marketing tires, and on a lark, searched for the GT tires. It looks like they have them. Can anyone confirm if these are them? Front: 265/40/ZR18...
  5. twobjshelbys

    Top Gear 2018

    The new season started last night. They started off with a trip down V8 memory lane with a GT350R, Jag and McLaren. Including a "chase scene" with Ken Block in a 4-wheeler "cop car" as they try to outrun him with some shine on board. Block's 4-wheeler has a linear shifter! I wonder what his...
  6. twobjshelbys

    Passenger side Air Bag Recall available

    I just got the notice in the mail that the passenger side recall, 16S26, now shows PARTS AVAILABLE! This is NOT showing up in the Ford recall page yet though...
  7. twobjshelbys

    The Grand Tour Season 2

    The first episode was released last week and Amazon didn't even ping me! Episode 2 commercials showed Clarkson driving a 2017 GT in Episode 2.
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    Happy Birthday Fleetwood Mac

    Well, if we can still do Happy Birthday wishes, Fleetwood Mac is 50.
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    2017 Ford GT - Jay Leno's Garage

    Has the NGT area been hidden? Anyway, Jay Leno has his new GT, 1000 miles in a week! 36 minute Jay Leno's Garage on Youtube
  10. twobjshelbys

    Washing car covers

    Vegas is horribly dusty, and my cover has gotten to the point where it needs a refresh. Yes, even in the garage. Of course, the cover keeps the dust off the car, but nothing keeps the dust off the cover! :) Does any one know or have experience with washing the factory car cover? Guidance...
  11. twobjshelbys

    Ford announces 2018 Mustang

    New look, lots of gadgets! V6 dropped and Magna Ride from the GT350 now available as an option.
  12. twobjshelbys

    Las Vegas Cars and Coffee moving

    Cars and Coffee Las Vegas has moved effective 8-Oct-2016 from the mall area on Eastern Ave south of 215 to the Speed Vegas race track at 14200 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Hours are 7AM-10AM.
  13. twobjshelbys

    GT40s at Shelby American Collection

    I attended the Shelby American Collection fundraiser on 3-Sep. Since the museum at the Miller Motorsports Park has closed much of the collection is now at the SAC. This includes the Miller GT40s. Along with J7, there are now 6 GT40's all nestled together here. The museum is also the place...
  14. twobjshelbys

    Bob Bondurant presentation at Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum

    This was posted on the Bondurant web site. There is a link to his slides. I would love to hear the narrative. Some photos I'd never seen before, but look at the journals and check stubs!
  15. twobjshelbys

    Test Drive as part of program

    Will those selected be given the opportunity for 2 test drives - one on the street, another on the track - before signing over $400K+? I've been looking at the interior and thinking that some, after "trying" on the car, and driving it in real life conditions, may find that the car "doesn't...
  16. twobjshelbys

    New Ford GT Race Weight

    Howdy all. Now that the new GT has officially entered a race the weight is known. The official race weight required at the Daytona 24 was.... ... .... .... 1240Kg = 2733.7lbs This is without fuel and driver The real unballasted weight is probably less since the IMSA rules can call...
  17. twobjshelbys

    2016 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

    There are 4 GTs at Barrett Jackson today: Lot 1370 2006 Heritage, 5718 miles hammer price 475K Lot 1400.1 2005 Red 3752 miles 290K Lot 1434 2006 Red 1966 miles Lot 1444 2005 White stripe delete 12K miles, lightly modded. I tuned in (I'm home, watched on streaming and TV) for the Heritage but...
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    "The Ford GT40" streaming on

    I saw this on our prime membership streaming: It is from "Motorsports World" and released in 1997. It has some good interviews and...
  19. twobjshelbys

    Steve McQueen racing suit from Le Mans up for auction This is a movie memorabilia auction and also includes the Rosebud sled for Citizen Kane
  20. twobjshelbys

    2015 Barrett Jackson Las Vegas

    I went over today to get my package. The parking at the Mandalay Bay is way different. There is a new garage next to the convention center. It was empty except for some auction cars that were there being moved into the staging area. I took the elevator up and ended up in the lobby of the...