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  1. twobjshelbys

    24H LE MANS-- Keating Ford Stripped of Le Mans GTE-Am Win

    There you go! Make a book of rules. Clearly define the boxes and the boundaries. Then let the manufacturers and designers go for it. May the best solution win. That's what happened in 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 with the Ford GT, and 1970 and 1971 with the 917.
  2. twobjshelbys

    New Owners: Insure Axle Bolt Upgrade has been Performed!

    Can you clarify the Ford "recall". I recall there were two passes by Ford at the parts. Rich assures me that based on the DATE my work was performed I have the second (good) version.
  3. twobjshelbys

    The 2005/2006 Ford GT Takata Airbag Recall Program

    I have since seen (but cannot find right now) the Ford communication that clarifies the transportation allowance with a statement that if both recalls are done then the allowance is for each recall, effectively doubling the allowance. Dave, can you clarify?
  4. twobjshelbys

    Stay Tuned!

    I was driving a Ford N1 when I was 6. Grandpa put it in first gear, and I drove the trailer with milk from the barn to the house. I could barely reach the pedals but all I had to do was steer. Grandpa put it in gear and took another tractor (with planter attached) and got to the house first...
  5. twobjshelbys

    2019 24 Hours of Le Mans

    I checked and the Keating/Wynn car is ahead in the GTE-AM class by over a lap! And currently in 39th overall with the GTE-PRO Ford GTs currently in 29, 30, 31 and 35. Does the GTE-AM car run with the same BoP as the PRO cars?
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    If there are forum problems...

    The "mobile skin" didn't work for me either, so when I open the page on my Android phone, I reload using the "request desktop" option and it works. However, if I magnify a portion of the screen (two-finger spread) and then move over to the "mark forums read" I too find the confirmation dialog...
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    Opinion on this car appreciated

    Funny. I was going to edit in " unless it was a monster truck with a 6 foot lift" :)
  8. twobjshelbys

    Opinion on this car appreciated

    He didnt pay for it, insurance did so it belongs to them. I'd like to see pics of damaged clamshell since in walking around mine a few times I can't see how you could hit the clamshell without hitting a wheel and pushing in a half shaft or doing a major rearranging of the rear fascia.
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    Hotrod Article on 300 MPH GT

    ' Like I say to everyone ‘It’s a built as tough as an F150.’” ' Great line. "Built Ford Tough" The one thing you get from reading this is that the team doing the work never believed anyone claiming "you can't do that". Instead their belief system was "Of course I can. Let me show you how"...
  10. twobjshelbys

    Ford GT Rules!

    I'm sure it's been mentioned at some point, but can't remember. Who was driving the car in the commercial?
  11. twobjshelbys

    New livery for LeMans?

    Ford press release
  12. twobjshelbys

    Source for TRUNK lid gas struts?

    Did you try Tasca? They had both front and rear a few weeks ago.
  13. twobjshelbys

    Replace Vacume Boost Gauge

    It's a tedious task that requires some contortionist moves to get in and under the dash panel from the rear. It's not difficult, just time consuming if you've not done it before. Your path depends on whether you want a complete set of functional gauges with a different appearance or...
  14. twobjshelbys

    Boost Gauge Failure

    Here's the link to the autometer site I think you have to call to order
  15. twobjshelbys

    Boost Gauge Failure

    Gauge. Buy the Autometer replacements. Consider replacing all of the small gauges at the same time.
  16. twobjshelbys

    factory car covers

    I washed mine in the washer normal cycle cold water. I air dried it, not dryer.
  17. twobjshelbys

    Oh great, another gauge failure.

    Having done a swap on the boost gauge before the Autometer replacements were available, if I had a single small gauge failure I would also change all of them out. It's not difficult, nor is it easy - call it tedious - to remove the bezel. Getting up under the dash with a bad back is a chore...
  18. twobjshelbys

    Oh great, another gauge failure.

    First, the last traffic in this topic is almost 5 years old, so availability is questionable. However, you would be well advised to obtain replacements for the small gauges directly from Autometer. A Ford gauge whether from Ford or anyone else, will fail with the same probability as any of the...
  19. twobjshelbys

    2005 Gauge cluster just died

    How old is the battery?
  20. twobjshelbys

    Need Struts and Vents

    I just checked the Tasca site and they showed as available all the way down to asking for my credit card. Did you put in the complete part number (including the 5g7z portion)? shows them too albeit for more than Tasca but less than dearborn.