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    Final Drive Ratio Change

    I've searched, but couldn't find anything in the last few months. Have any of you gone to a numerically higher rear axle ratio? Any idea where to source the gears? I think it would make the car much more enjoyable. Thanks, Mark
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    Track day verdict…..Remove the top (GTX) and leave it on the street

    Reading that another Owner had decided not to install the transaxle cooler prompted me to write this. First let me say that I’m still convinced that the new Ford GT is one of the greatest cars ever. I think the designers have done an incredible job of balancing heritage, horsepower and...
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    Lower Ride Height?

    Has anyone looked into trying to lower the front ride height? Or maybe front and rear? It is very nice not having to worry about scraping the chin spoiler as much as with other cars in this class, but it seems like the ride height, especially in the front may be something of a compromise...
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    Adjusting Pedals for Heel&Toe??

    Have any of you looked into lowering the brake pedal, or raising the accelerator in order to put them closer to the same plane to make it easier to heel&toe? The pedals are terrific and spaced nicely left to right, but the gas pedal is well below the brake pedal? I have another car on which I...
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    Borla Headers?

    I've read that some of you have done the Borla muffler, and I think some have removed cats, but has anyone installed the actual headers yet?? I seem to remember that the headers were supposed to unleash substantially more power than just the muffler, but that may be old news. Anyone have...