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  1. Austinj427

    For you guys doing your own oil change at 600 miles/1000 km$File/BPXE-AD5BK4.pdf This is about the most information I can find on this stuff.
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    For you guys doing your own oil change at 600 miles/1000 km

    It's just Castrol Edge supercar 5w50 correct? Looks like $156 for 8 quarts, and shipping is about $80
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    NFGT "paint to sample" blues.....

    Porsche has some of the best blues. Mexico is my favorite I would say, I think I like it so much because it feels timeless. Obviously it's personal opinion but here are a few blues I like that are a little less common, still have some pop and aren't over the top. Lotus laser blue Alpine...
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    Does the new car feel like it will go 216 like Ford says? Seems like if it was a bit cooler it could get really close.
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    300 MPH in car video

    It's so fast it doesn't even seem right. Any normal person would assume it's in KPH. Amazing job!
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    New collectible toy... Early Christmas present to myself

    I started laughing when the helicoptor came out for the aerial view. I love it lol.
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    Looks great Dave. Thanks!
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    So Mr Nair Wasn't The Only Delivery on February 10th

    It does not seem like a year ago. I had to look back, in November of 2017 I was bugging you about it. Seems like it was only months ago.
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    It's Getting Real Now!

    Looks great!
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    It's Getting Real Now!

    Is tomorrow the big day?
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    Harley Cluxton takes delivery

    That's incredible!
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    My Ford GT Application video.

    I laughed so hard when he turned down the picture of Raj lol.
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    Faster At Le Mans: Race Car or Street Car?

    I think I have Forza 6. I've never seen the GTLM car on there? I recall looking for it too. Is there a way for me to get it?
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    Weird Car show behavior

    Wow. Looking at their website they have pictures of S550 mustangs and C7 corvettes.. I take it they probably haven't been booted though?
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    Tick Tock

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    GT at Miami Homestead Speedway

    Very cool. Looks like a blast.
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    NFGT : “You have to see it in person “

    These cars get a staggering amount of attention. There was a blue one/white one at our local vehicle vault, next to a 570s and a really clean little 356. It's like the other cars weren't even there, it's breathtaking in person and it steals thunder from all around.
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    Information on this picture GT40 + Bronco

    Is that a personal photo of yours? I'd love to see more if you have them.