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    Ford GT Carbon Series Exhaust

    Hello, We have a question about the ford GT MY2021 "europe-edition, europe emissions car". The concierge told us that we can't fit an aftermarket exhaust, like borla or heffner to it. It wont start and only cause issues on the MY2021 europe-editions. Is this statement correct? Thanks for answer.
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    WANTED Ford GT Aviatex Whatch

    Hello We search for our dad an aviatex ford gt whatch. Somebody has one for sale? Greetings from switzerland Alex
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    Ford GT Gearbox Problem

    Good Morning from Switzerland I have the following issue with my Ford GT gearbox: The inputshaft, where the clutch sits are the teeth worn so it has play. Where can i buy a better gearkit? or a new inputshaft? Thx a lot for your help!