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  1. ByeEnzo

    Where do you drive your GT besides the track?

    I use my 2005 for a side gig 😂
  2. ByeEnzo

    Mark II

    Nice pic of all your FGT’s together! I got them all together at the track.
  3. ByeEnzo

    Chip's Parties Will Never Be Quite The Same

    My condolences Chip. Sorry you lost a friend.
  4. ByeEnzo

    Ford GT, the all weather fun car

    Stu switched to "6". Some pics in his thread on a track day at Sebring, running number 6. Same Gulf logo on clamshell.
  5. ByeEnzo

    Ford GT, the all weather fun car

    I bet that’s our member “Hooked on GT”…Stu He‘s got a heritage and lives in Orlando.
  6. ByeEnzo

    Will there be an allocation of 2022 MKII's ?

    You ask about the “Mk II“ in your thread title…. Are you referring to the 45 track only cars (the Mk II) being built? or…the 1300 or so street cars?
  7. ByeEnzo

    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    51. ByeEnzo
  8. ByeEnzo


    My old 62 E-type. You can see a 62 Mini and a 69 E-type roadster in the background.
  9. ByeEnzo

    An FGT Review With Some Things Not to do

    Grimey valve covers…😂
  10. ByeEnzo

    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    What is the official name of the color of the Mk II that Multimatic brought to the Rally? Looks like a vintage Mustang color. I posted a pic of it on IG. 15,000+ “likes” later…someone’s asking what color. I need to figure out how to monetize this social media stuff. Schmee, I’m not.
  11. ByeEnzo

    New Member Update

    Congrats! What’s the black Porsche behind the FGT? 964?
  12. ByeEnzo

    Safety check/screws in tires

    I plugged my rear flat on my 2005 in the Hyatt garage. Stress tested it the next day at Apex, then drove 1100 miles home without a problem. Life is good....
  13. ByeEnzo

    New Member Introduction

  14. ByeEnzo

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    I drove #0421 to Arizona and back. Heard there was a party there. Almost 3000 mile round trip. Odo about to kick over 60k.
  15. ByeEnzo

    Thanks, Dave! And Chip!

    Thanks Dave and Chip! What a great Rally. Reconnected with old friends and made some new ones. Just got home from my 2800 mile round trip. Till we ride again…cheers!
  16. ByeEnzo

    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    Lyle! Where’s his large band? Poor donkey forced to serve light beer!
  17. ByeEnzo

    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    I went back and looked at this pic. 82 cars. 57 look like NFGTs (bigger front windshield, distinctive rear design with smaller rear window) There was one Mk I replica and 24 05/06 cars. Someone else car separate out the colors 😂
  18. ByeEnzo

    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    All five Heritage Editions at the track.
  19. ByeEnzo

    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    Wyatt Earp and Pancho Villa.
  20. ByeEnzo

    Ford GT Rally Transportation with Reliable Carriers

    Hah! I wondered if that was someone hauling a GT. Stopped for lunch in Heber. See you and our buddy Todd G at the gathering.