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  1. Benny2006GT

    FGT Underbody Panels(FS)

    Last thing i ended up having in my storage for this car. Turned out to be a Radiator grille panel and just a regular underbody panel that sits somewhere under the middle of the car. Will keep this one short: I found the panels with a couple of surface scratches on them and took them to a ford...
  2. Benny2006GT

    Found an old muffler in storage: worth anything?

    Just went back to storage and happened to pick out the stock muffler for the car, looks like it's in good condition. I'm wondering if this is worth anything? I'd definitely be looking to sell it.
  3. Benny2006GT

    Returning user here! Got some spare parts to sell.

    Post title says it all. I haven't seen this forum in 10 years I hope everything is well. I have some old parts for the car that I upgraded upon delivery of the car such as clutch and shifter. I also have a brand new BBS wheel for the rear. Where or how would I go about selling this stuff?