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  1. txviper

    Ford GT Team Edition Chronograph

    Is it too late to order one of these?
  2. txviper

    Ford GT Owner Hospitality at Petit Le Mans - The Finale

    So you want #184 of 150 produced??
  3. txviper

    Matech GT3

    That was some great driving!
  4. txviper

    Camaro done......again?

    Agreed. Growing up I was a Camaro/Trans Am fan. I liked Mustangs but, always stuck with GM. Then they came out with the new body style in 09/10?? and I haven't owned a GM product since. The interior was the worst part.
  5. txviper

    Surprise Seatback Pockets

    Had no idea. But look at that artwork! The only negative thing about the new GT is you cant see the really cool stuff on the car! Id love to have a book or collection of photos that were taken of all the cool parts and surfaces while the car was being built. All the stuff that once the car is...
  6. txviper

    Look who showed up at the Tour D’Elegance

    I love my GT, but no way in hell I am driving it from MI to CA, lol! What would that be.. like 47 fuel stops? And 4 chiropractor visits?!!!
  7. txviper

    Genuine Ford GT - Chip Ganassi Fireproof Jacket

    Man that jacket is getting more action than a Greyhound Bus!!!! And David you need to quit with the John Travolta pose!!!!!!!!
  8. txviper

    Genuine Ford GT - Chip Ganassi Fireproof Jacket

    "if you’ve got a ripped physique like Shawn Beard" I am confused by your tactics!! My physique can be described in a lot of ways.....I don't think ripped is one:bang:rofl Is this jacket guaranteed to protect me from the "Invisible Fire" also...
  9. txviper

    Classic auto transport question I have used this company several times. Owners name is Steve. They usually can get to me pretty quick.
  10. txviper

    Genuine Ford GT - Chip Ganassi Fireproof Jacket

    Count me in for 2. One for me and one for Heather.
  11. txviper

    How much impact will Barrett-Jackson have on the market?

    My opinion is no matter what the market does short term, long term these things are going to go through the roof.
  12. txviper

    Benadryl Anyone

    I was really excited about the new Supra when it was announced.... 10 YEARS AGO!!! And this is what they come up with????????
  13. txviper

    NFGT Boxing Week Sale

    Malls must be way cooler In your area!!
  14. txviper

    Should I worry?

    The car will need a extensive paint correction for one. Anytime you leave bugs on there like that you can guarantee there is clear coat, possibly paint damage. And like already mentioned...the mice problem could be a nightmare. Usually people don't put out traps until after they realize its a...
  15. txviper

    New McLaren Speedtail(bp23)

    The 80s called...They want their Oldsmobile back!!!
  16. txviper

    Out of the Ashes -- A different Phoenix

    Very cool! Would be neat to see the carnage of the R to get the full picture of where you started to where you ended up. You definitely made lemonade out of lemons!
  17. txviper

    Photos - Road Atlanta Rally (not R13 but it should be)

    Such a great time. The event itself is so busy that you don't really get to take it all in until the trip home. I always feel humbled and grateful of the friends I have made, and the people I get know a little bit more each time Thank you Dave for continuing to devote your time to this. Thank...
  18. txviper

    NFGT 600 mile oil change

    I will be in the same boat as CATMAN. I am close to 700 now and was going to get it done. But will have to get done after the trip.
  19. txviper

    It's Getting Real Now!

    Very cool story behind choosing your spec. Congrats and enjoy!
  20. txviper

    J169 delivered in St Louis today 9/9/18

    That looks sharp! The Red continues the sport element while the wheels add some class to it. Well done!