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    Coolant Drain

    I did this a long time ago, I think if I remember correctly I hooked up the air lift and pressurized the system, blowing the coolant out.
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    intermittant guage cluster failure 2006 Ford GT

    Did you ever get intermittent check engine light?
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    Fuel line Safety for 2005/2006

    what am I missing, why not use fuel injection clamps?
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    Fuel line Safety for 2005/2006

    just look up fuel injection hose clamps
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    Does this look normal to you??

    was there any odor?
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    RIP Daniel Sexton Gurney

    dan gurney just read Dan Gurney passed away, 86 years old
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    No sound from my passenger door tweeter

    only one answer, stainless exhaust system
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    Speedometer Busted

    I think if you go back into replacing gauges you'll find all the info you need
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    Burned Through Clear?

    you may get away with just clearing the one panel , no color coat.
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    Hesitation on light throttle

    Take a look at the air filters, you never know.
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    Left / Driver's side Tail light Issue - comes on dimly by itself

    any indication of mice in the garage?
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    Left / Driver's side Tail light Issue - comes on dimly by itself

    Not much help, but many times an energized or bad ground circuit causes a dim light to glow when it shouldn't. Can you get to the light socket and test the ground?
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    Battery trickle charger

    I have been using the $7.99 version on my Viper for 10 years, never a problem. I use the Ford charger on the GT, again no problems.
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    I want to buy a 05/06 Ford GT

    curious, what do you expect to pay?
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    Further tightening of the parts supply system

    Let's hope for the same requirement to buy the new GT!
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    Gas Monkey Ford GT

    Next thing you know they'll put chevy engines in a 1932 Ford, then what?
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    locked steering column

    I was thinking that a Focus has a start position and GT doesn't, that may make the two different .
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    locked steering column

    Any news yet?
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    locked steering column

    Maybe a little WD-40 sprayed into the cylinder under pressure may help