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  1. Jazz76

    Scratched seat back

    My 06 Heritage was delivered in March and just noticed that the back of the passenger seat was scratched up. Upon further examination noticed that there was some type of glue they tried to sand off and or buff, the dealer wants to apply some sort of finish to this. Anyone have any experience...
  2. Jazz76

    06 Heritage in Architectural Digest

    Just received my copy of Architectural Digest, May 06, hastily flipped thru it and set it down. Few moments later my wife excitedly told my that the Heritage was in the magazine with picture. There it was in a section Great Design Around the World. WOW, in the company with Louis I. Kahn...
  3. Jazz76

    New member

    New member / Traded in my 73 Pantera Bought my GT a few weeks ago and absolutely pleased in every way, first ride is like cheating on your wife. Traded in my 73 Pantera, thought I would miss her,.. No way. Went to a local Pantera meet a week ago and to my surprise three other Pantera members...