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    Radiator ID

    I think these radiators at the rear of the car are for transmission, differential , oil…. But which is which? I know the ones for the intercooler but not the rest.

    Any advantage to ethanol free gas?

    I have the option in my area to buy ethanol free gas (although it’s only 91 octane) and I use it in my twin turbo ‘06. Is there any advantage to using it in my 2021 NFGT?

    Need a FEAD belt

    Anyone know where I can pick up a front engine accessory drive belt? My ‘06 is at The GT Guys getting a full refresh and Rich says these belts are on back order at Ford. He says there are no aftermarket replacement ones either. I’d sure like to replace it while it’s there.

    Can anybody tell me what this is?

    Drivers side by the pedals.

    Optional tires?

    Has anyone replaced the stock tires with something less sticky (and damaging)?

    M048 Delivery Day

    It’s been over 5 years since I first heard theses were coming out and exactly 2 years since I got my confirmation letter but she finally made it. I was beginning to wonder if the day would ever come but I have to admit it was worth it. Thanks Ford, Michael my concierge, Steve Coates my delivery...

    Billet Top Vents for sale

    Out of stock at the manufacturer. Custom billet top and side vents. Sold my car, kept the vents. Just like new. $1500 new (when available). $1200 Sold. Thanks.

    ExotiCare shifter bezel kit for sale

    Brand new in the box. I never even unwrapped it. I believe they are out of production now per the Exoticare website. An online search turned up a thread where he originally sold them for $450. First $400 takes it. I'll pay the shipping in the states.

    Attention black Texas cars

    I've been using this pic as a screen saver for a couple of years but just now realized that the owner of the black car in the pic might enjoy having a copy. If it's your car let me know and I'll send it to you. It was taken by me on the way back to the hotel from the track at Indy in May of 2007.
  10. TEXAS GT

    Ford selling brochures

    Just found this and thought some of you may be interested.
  11. TEXAS GT

    Thurs. Dec. 10, ngc channel lambo special

    The National Geographic Channel has a special on the Lambo Murcielago tonite. It's on the Ultimate Factories series and starts at 7:00 Central time. Sorry for the short notice.
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    Is this really the 12th car built?

    I was at the Leake auction in Dallas this weekend and there was one GT there for sale. It was a white with blue stripes, all option 2005 with about 6000 miles if I remember right. It was being billed as the 12th car built. I found this strange since the vin was 1FAFP90S75Y401572 which would...
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    Any bone marrow donors?

    Has anyone here ever actually donated bone marrow? I've come up as a near perfect match to a leukemia victim. I'm excited about doing it and I've done a lot of research on the internet but I haven't found anybody who has actually done it. I'd like to know more from someone has actually...
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    For Sale: Hi Performance Driving Class

    I bought this in a charity auction and won't be able to use it. Texas Driving Experience at the Texas Motor Speedway, "Ultimate Racing Combo" package. 15 laps in a Corvette Z06 supplied by them. You drive 10 laps on the infield course and then ride shotgun while a pro driver shows you how for...
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    Exoticare switchblade keys for sale

    I have two of these that I don't need. They are brand new in the box and have not been touched. I will even include the directions to cut and program them. I paid $200 plus shipping, I will take $200 and I will pay the shipping to anywhere in the lower 48. Here's the link to the thread about...
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    Safecraft harness bars, stillen splash shields

    I have one set of Safecraft harness bars that mount behind the seats that you attach your seat harness to. Black anodized, round with "Safecraft" engraved on them. Bolts included. I was told today that they no longer make them. Be aware that you may have to remove the plastic knob that your...
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    Extruded gt on e-bay

    Some of you may have never seen one of these.
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    Supercars Exposed episode of The Texas Mile

    Those of you who were at The Texas Mile a few weeks ago, and those who just want to see a bunch of fast cars, be sure to watch Supercars Exposed on Speed Channel this Monday, May 4th. It comes on at 8:00 Central time. The producer called me to let me know that the Texas Mile episode will air...
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    0 to 200 in 21 seconds

    Unfortunately, my in car video of my Texas Mile runs did not come out well enough to post, but I was able to get some interesting timing info from them. I have a Racecam dual camera setup with a splitter that allows me to film two views at once so I set one camera viewing out the front window...
  20. TEXAS GT

    A Wow Weekend at The Texas Mile

    Wow. I used that word a lot this weekend. I went to The Mile with a goal of breaking 210 mph and on my first pass I hit 215. Wow. Two passes later I hit 217. Wow. Then Tanner Foust wants to use my car for some drive by shots with his camera crew. When he comes back his only comment is "This...