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  1. pe2unia

    Another unexpected kind gesture from a great man

    I received another unexpected gift from Mr. Li (SuperNova's father).:eek: This is my second model he has done for me. Back on July 30th 2017 I invited Chris and his father to be part of the group of friends and family for our GT delivery. Last weekend the local GT owners got together for lunch...
  2. pe2unia

    Custom Side vent clearance sale

    My machinist has 5 sets of custom side vents laying around that he would like to move if anyone is interested. The original price was $650 + shipping per set and the clearance sale is $400 + shipping per set. Contact me if anyone is interested.
  3. pe2unia

    Stock Ford OEM Titanium Exhaust FS (New GT 2017-2020)

    I have a brand new in the box stock Ford OEM Titanium exhaust for the new GT for sale. I believe a few of these were sold at a special forum discounted price of $3,400 just months ago. I am selling one that I have for $3,000. Please PM me with any questions
  4. pe2unia

    RIP Tiger 6

    I am saddened to have learned the news of the passing of our GT member Steve Darrah (Tiger 6). Steve was a true gentleman in every aspect of the word and I feel very fortunate to have had the pleasure to have known him. Steve had a true passion for cars and really did enjoy driving his GT...
  5. pe2unia

    Billet Upper seat insert sale

    I have 4 sets on hand normally sells for $790 + $15 shipping. Selling these 4 sets $690.00 per set shipped. PM me if you are interested
  6. pe2unia

    Billet Engine brace sale (last two sets)

    We have two sets of engine braces left if anyone would like a set. These sell for $1,625 + $25 shipping. Selling these last two sets $1,500 shipped anywhere in the USA. PM me if you are interested
  7. pe2unia

    Ford GT Billet parts now available again. End of the year special on Top & side vents

    Ford GT Billet parts now available again. End of the year special on Top & side vents Three years ago I posted my machinist was going out of business and taking a job with a military contractor. After popular demand I’ve been able to convince him to make top and side vents again in his spare...
  8. pe2unia

    Happy birthday to our friend and moderator “Chip Beck”

    Happy birthday Chip! Enjoy a drive around the block today in your new 17 yellow beast. Have a great day my friend.
  9. pe2unia

    Happy Birthday Stormcat!!!!

    To the guy that is usually posting everyone's birthdays at 12:01am :facepalm:HAPPY BIRTHDAY! AHHHHHH I am not posting yours at 12:01 am :frown:lol I just spent the entire day yesterday at the Bat Cave talking GT stuff with this "Cat". We had a blast!! Happiest of Birthday's to you my friend:cheers
  10. pe2unia

    Someone here turned 60?

    Happy 60th birthday Mr. Ed Simms!
  11. pe2unia

    Happy Birthday to our ring leader DBK

    Happy Birthday my Friend:cheers
  12. pe2unia

    New Ford GT review - attacking the Arctic Circle Raceway in Ford's Supercar

    This video just came out also and very well done IMO
  13. pe2unia

    How Ford Built a New Kind of Supercar Engine

    This is the first time I have seen this video but if this has been posted before please delete.
  14. pe2unia

    Happy Birthday Francesca!

    Happy birthday to our leaders better half [emoji322][emoji512]
  15. pe2unia

    GT Guy Safe Craft fire extinguisher prototype 17-20 NGT

    For all NGT owners. Rich installed this prototype fire extinguisher for my feedback and to pass along pictures to other owners/future owners. Surprisingly it doesn't get in the way at all and it fits very nicely. These will be available in any color combinations so contact Rich to order yours.
  16. pe2unia

    Rally 12 has started

    We have unloaded seven cars this morning 5 outside and 2 in underground garage. If your car is lowered be very very very careful going into the underground parking garage it must be taken on a severe angle to keep from hitting your splitter. We took two stock ride height cars in the garage on a...
  17. pe2unia

    Rally 12 early bird invasion of Kindig-it Designs (Bitchin Rides TV show)

    On Tuesday morning a few of us with our GT's are planning on invading the Kindig-it shop in hopes of a meet and greet with the staff and the cast of the show Bitchin Rides. The shop is about a 40 min drive so if anyone would like to join in let us know. Also we have plans to stop in on Olympic...
  18. pe2unia

    Rally 12 early bird road trip Eclipse viewing

    For anyone getting to the rally early enough and wants to travel up north with a group of GT’s to experience the full eclipse we will be meeting at the hotel at 7:00 am Monday morning and pulling out at 7:15 am sharp heading towards Alpine Wyoming. Let us know if you would like to be included.
  19. pe2unia

    #0057 2017 GT delivery day

    My morning started out with a phone call from Bernardo (Delivery Specialist) stating that everything was on schedule for 2pm delivery with Reliable so I started setting up for the big reveal. My selling dealer had decided to throw a party with food, drinks, and champagne for over 50 family...