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  1. Magic

    Backup lights question on 2017+ GT

    Are all four of the clear led lights suppose to come on when the car is placed in reverse or only the two outer LEDs as shown in the below photo?
  2. Magic

    Panel screw placement during oil change

    Today I did an oil change on my '19 NFGT. The CFunder panel you remove to do the oil change has 36 screws that need to be removed. I remember hearing somewhere that the screws are not the same size so I decided to keep track of what screw came out of what panel hole locate. I've got the...
  3. Magic

    We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Ford/Multimatic

    Booked our flight today to the frigid North. Once we land in Toronto, Canada we'll follow the "yellow brick road" to the land of Multimatic to start our search for the ever elusive 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series! We've been told that vin# K0050 has been spotted in the Wizard's workshop and that...
  4. Magic

    Alexander Rossi and Caterham at COTA

    Alexander Rossi has been no stranger to COTA. In fact, Rossi was the first professional driver to ever hit the pavement here, driving Turn 16 to Turn 1 when the Circuit was still under construction. In the years since, he's been a fixture at COTA, participating in multiple Twitter Q&As, meet and...
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    Apparent Transmission Fluid Leak

    I went out today to give my car a check over for the upcoming Texas mile. As I was checking the wheel nut torque I notice a fairly large amount of fluid under the rear of the car. This is the first time I've ever noticed anything leaking from my car. I got my light out and could see fluid...
  6. Magic

    New Track Day Car

    I've been thinking about getting more into track day events and learning more about how to drive a car fast around a track. Really enjoyed the last two GT Rally's but after taking an off track spin at NOLA I was hesitant to continue my learning experience using my Heritage GT as my track day...
  7. Magic

    Clutch bleeder valve nut size

    Anyone know what the flair nut wrench size is to be used when bleeding the clutch? Just did my brakes this weekend, but the size I used on my brakes (7/16) wouldn't fit the clutch. Is it metric? Magic
  8. Magic

    New Trailex Trailer

    This will be my first Rally where I will not have had a long haul truck deliver my car to the event. Decided this year to go the route of towing it myself. Ordered a custom made 2012 Trailex trailer through Henderson Motorsports which includes a custom made MAC wheel nets and custom installed...
  9. Magic

    Need help identifying this Ford GT40

    Well miracles do happen. I've spent 6 years living and working in Jakarta and have really missed the "car scene". Have gone to the occasional local "classic car show" where the same rich guy/s show off the same cars each year. Gets boring real quick. One of my employees who has a love for...
  10. Magic

    Try out the new McLaren at Hertz

    Good reason to go to London! Seems Hertz now has "SuperCars" in their rental fleet and the new McLaren is one of them. :rofl Check it out on Hertz's website. Just saw my first one in Jakarta last week. Dealer had one in display setup...
  11. Magic

    Ferraris, Mercedes and a Lamborghini involved in $4m super car pile-up in Japan

    Not a way to start out your trip to a car gathering! :ack:willy:willy:willy:ack
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    Rally 6 - Interesting Drives in Utah/SLC area?

    Was starting to search the internet for scenic and interesting drives around Salt Lake City and came across the Utah Fast Pass website. This is a charity event that is run across Utah for high performance/supercars over several days all with a Utah State Trooper escort...
  13. Magic

    GT Action in Bali!

    Just sitting down to our stone fired pizza along with tomato gazpacho and a cold Corona served pool side in our Bale. Closest I can get to a Ford GT is wearing my red GT hat from BigInch Blake and reading A.J. Baime's book "Go Like Hell" which I picked up in a bookstore in Singapore...
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    Tsumai warning for Pacific Region

    For all Forum members who are in the Pacific Ocean region and specifically Hawaii I hope all are and will be safe in the coming hours. Reports and pictures from the Japan earthquake and tsunami are shocking. Magic
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    Say it with 7 starts today

    For those in Texas My Plates is offering a new vehicle plate service that offers 7 characters comprising letters/numbers or combination. Traditional plates only offer 6 characters. Website states: "Our plates are street legal and officially licensed by Texas Department of Motor...
  16. Magic

    Proposed new Ford GT Forum Headquarters

    Just saw this real estate listing and thought it would make a great new Ford GT Forum headquarters facility. Plenty of space to exercise all the cars to their full capacity and not have to worry about breaking any laws. Space for Forum retirees condos, tunner workshops, dyno facilities and...
  17. Magic

    1965 Sebring 12 hr Race Story

    Great story just posted on Sports Car Digest about the 1965 Sebring 12 hour race. Fantastic pictures of Ford GT40 from the race. Hope the link works Magic
  18. Magic

    Getting ready for Rally V

    Just wanted to post some pics of my Gal getting ready for her first party. :banana:banana Shelby is doing the work with accessories provide by various vendors who support this Forum. Nothing too drastic, but just making sure she has a nice "party dress" on when she has her coming out party...
  19. Magic

    New Iphone app to follow Le Mans

    Evo's Le Mans appWe've launched our first app - an in-depth guide to the Le Mans 24hr race. And best of all, it's free! 28th May 2010 This year evo, in association with Audi, is bringing you the 2010 Le Mans 24-hour race… in your pocket. This unique app is a comprehensive guide to the...
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    First Time Rally Attendee - What to expect

    I have decided to attend Rally V and am very excited as this will most likely be my first time behind the wheel of my Heritage GT, first Rally and the first time to be around other FGT owners in a face to face environment. I’ve done some regional and national car meets with my MGs, but I...