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    Storage Case For Speed Lingerie Bra

    I had a storage case made for my Speed Lingerie Bra. It is sized for the bra folded along natural fold lines. It is not folding across any of the the hard plastic pieces. See attached drawing. Any upholstery shop can make it. I had a local boat upholstery shop make it for $125. They used...
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    Looking For BBS Option Wheel Center Caps

    I am looking for a couple of center caps, 4G7Z-1130-BA, for the 2005-06 BBS 10 spoke option wheel. Please PM me if you know where I can find them. Thanks much.
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    High Beam Indicator Light Not Working

    My high beam indicator light does not work. I looked in the service manual and found it is commanded on and off by a control module. So, it looks as though the bulb is burned out or is not getting voltage from the module. I read on prior posts that the light is part of a circuit board...
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    Easy Method To Change Power Steering Fluid

    I used an easy, very clean, non-messy method to change my GT’s power steering fluid. So when I say all fluids have been changed, all fluids really have been changed. I fabricated a fluid tank that fits on top of the GT power steering reservoir, see pic. This was made from PVC plumbing parts...
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    Engine and Intercooler Radiator Air Bleed Lines Installed

    I drained and refilled my GT engine and intercooler coolant systems. The Airlift vacuum/refill tool does a good job of evacuating the air from the system. However, it still leaves 15% of the air in the system, based on the Ideal Gas Law, PV=nRT. At my altitude of 2000 feet above sea level...
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    How To Remove Defroster Vent ???

    I am trying to remove my plastic defroster vents on the top front of the dash. I have tried to simply pull them out, but they don't pull out easily. Does anyone know how to get them out? Pics of a removed vent showing a retainer or ??? holding it in would be great. Thanks
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    Don't Try This In a Ford GT
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    Clamshell Spring Stops/Openers

    I have a 2005 GT and would like to install the late 2006 spring clamshell stops. Anybody know the part number? I understand these were used on the 2000's Thunderbirds for something. I borrowed this picture of the stop from another post. Thanks
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    Ford Upgrade Kit Halfshaft Bolts Found Loose

    This topic has quite a history on this forum, mostly on the OEM halfshaft bolts and Ford’s first fix. But this involves loosening of the Ford Upgrade Bolt kit, which as I understand is Ford’s second and final fix. I had a leaking output shaft seal and decided to replace both sides. Pretty...
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    Is This A Short Throw Shifter?

    I am going thru everything on my 2005 GT with 20,000 miles. Bought it six months ago, put 1500 extremely enjoyable miles on it, now down for winter and maintenance. Fluids, belts, windshield, etc. The oil pump belt cover is sure a bear to remove. I was checking the shift cable adjustment and...
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    FGT vs BMW Oil Filter Cap & Cage

    In the late 90's and early 2000's some plastics used for Genral Motors hot engine parts deteriorated and crumbled. These problem plastic parts were changed to metal. With this in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to have a spare oil filter cap and cage assembly for my FGT, since, I could...
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    Oil Filter Install Question

    This is my first time changing oil on a 2005 GT, using a Ford Motorcraft FL-2024 filter for the GT. I have found something odd on placement of the oil filter. The filter fits over a plastic sleeve that fits into the filter screw on cover. The filter seals on the sleeve on the cover end. On...
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    Transaxle Output Shaft Seal Install Tool - Help

    Planning to change my transaxle output shaft seals this winter. Passenger side leaks a small amount, going to change both. Ford manual specs an Output Shaft Seal Install Tool No: 308-600. I believe this is Ford Rotunda OTC 308-600. However, I cannot find it anywhere. A tool, I think, comes...
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    Battery Connection Anti-Corrosion Gel and Other Connections Too

    Here is a great electrical connection corrosion inhibitor. It's made for electrical connections and is commonly used on your house wiring on aluminum electric conductor wire connections. Aluminum is a great flexible electrical conductor, but it can corrode so this is used to inhibit corrosion...
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    Why Ford APPEARS To Not Ship GT Parts

    Like many other experiences vented on this forum, I became very frustrated at the lack of receiving ordered GT parts that Ford showed in inventory. Here is my experience in ordering and receiving 2005-06 GT parts. On July 1, I ordered various parts from my local Ford dealer for my recently...