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  1. Mark McGowan

    Blue shocks

    Preproduction blue shocks were anodize. The valve code is the same on the PB builds as the production silver units. The reason we went from blue to silver was that the color did not work well with the blue of the engine valve covers
  2. Mark McGowan

    Rally to the Rally Party at Beck's Landing - October 30

    Chip, Lynn and I would not miss this for the world. Put us down for two and one very dirty car. Mark
  3. Mark McGowan

    Heads-up on OEM Shock Replacements

    Scott I have Murray in the loop and is waiting for the damper to arrive back at Multimatic. We talked for quite some time and are a bit baffled by this. Kendall send me a photo of the damper and it is from 2017. I was thinking the nylon rebound stop may have extruded into the bleeds but Murray...
  4. Mark McGowan

    Heads-up on OEM Shock Replacements

    My concern is that seeing this is a 15 year old car it is not a warranty issue so the damper at Galpin will not make it back to Multimatic to see what happen. I will most likely end up in the trash somewhere. I have made contacts to see what happen give me a call
  5. Mark McGowan

    Heads-up on OEM Shock Replacements

    Kendall can you give us a call via my PM. Us old time engineers want that shock to see what the hell is going on. I have a few people lined up to do a teardown to find out what happen.
  6. Mark McGowan

    2018 Petit Le Mans Ford GT Owner Hospitality REGISTRATION

    Lynn and I are in. And of course we will bring the 2006 GT
  7. Mark McGowan

    Petit LeMans@ Road Atlanta

    Lynn and I are always in for a road trip so count us in.
  8. Mark McGowan

    Last day at Ford

    Today I walked out the Experimental Vehicle Building for the last time as an Ford employee. 38 years of driving some of the most exciting vehicles on the planet and getting paid to do it I can truly say I have live a very charmed life in this chapter of my life. Has been a incredible ride and...
  9. Mark McGowan

    2018 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    Chip it looks like Lynn and I will be in Pheonix in time for your dinner. Hope it is not too late to attend
  10. Mark McGowan

    Thank You Ford GT Forum

    AJB its the same place in plymouth so deck and fire pit are unchange
  11. Mark McGowan

    Thank You Ford GT Forum

    You can count on it, the outside is moving right a long. Looking good even in primer (sort of my rat ride look right now):lol
  12. Mark McGowan


    That is why Lynn and I drive to the Rally, love the small towns. Try Laramie Wyoming next time for a great Black ice tea and pesto turkey sandwich:) Welcome to the TDCC.
  13. Mark McGowan

    Thank You Ford GT Forum

    So after 10 days and 4000 miles Lynn and I made it back to home Wednesday night. Crunching the numbers we averaged 500+ miles per day including the track day (we only drove 8 of the 10 days). I wanted to thank the Ford GT Forum and especially Chip Beck for my award, I am very humbled by this...
  14. Mark McGowan

    Happy Birthday roketman !!

    Happy B-day Ron have fun a Palmer
  15. Mark McGowan

    Rally 12 dates

    Count on Lynn and I attending, will be driving out and back as always
  16. Mark McGowan

    Happy Birthday Roketman

    Happy bday bud be seeing you soon
  17. Mark McGowan

    Rally 11 - COTA

    Lynn and I are in
  18. Mark McGowan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cobra guy!

    Sweet, happy birthday bud counting down the days to Daytona and Key West. Lynn and I were having a Corona last night thinking of you and Bonie
  19. Mark McGowan

    Rolex 24 Hour at Daytona - Car Corral & Hospitality

    Lynn and I are in. Hotel booked but with no car
  20. Mark McGowan

    Rally 10 Dearborn Development Center Tour

    A quick reminder for tomorrow Dearborn Proving Grounds tour you will need to wear long pants and close toe shoes, so no shorts or sandals. If you have not already done so find me to sign the waver.