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  1. GTinTN

    Tesla Roadster

    A friend wanted me to look at the Tesla Roadster since orders can now be taken. He was impressed with the performance numbers (i.e. 0-60 time, range, top speed, etc.) and after looking, the numbers are impressive. However, I was not that impressed with the overall look of the vehicle. If I...
  2. GTinTN

    Cantrell Holdings, Ltd

    I received an unsolicited letter from Cantrell Holdings, Ltd indicating they are interested in purchasing my 2005 Ford GT. They specify that the mileage must be under 15K and I must be the 1st or 2nd owner. Although, I meet their criteria, I am not interested in selling my car at this time -...
  3. GTinTN

    Radical RXC Turbo?

    I was driving around a few days ago and saw a car I was not familiar with. It was parked at a barbershop and so I whipped around to take a closer look. The body appeared to have been made entirely of carbon fiber and it had Radical RXC Turbo and Ford badging. It used the Ford Ecoboost 6...
  4. GTinTN

    Ticking sound?

    I love my 2005 Ford GT. What a great car in terms of both style and performance Have owned the car about 18 months and have a question: has anyone else noticed a ticking sound (like an electronic sound, not mechanical) when you are moving? The sound stops when the car stops, and the interval...
  5. GTinTN

    Happy Easter!

    Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and Happy Easter!
  6. GTinTN

    Finding members

    Any chance the site administrator could add a feature under the Members tab that would sort members by their state of residence? If so, would be very helpful to connect...