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    NEVER FORGET!!!!!!! Mark
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    Chip's NFGT on the cover of the "Blue Press"

    Saw Chip Beck's car on the cover of Dillion Precision Blue Press. Very cool! Thank you sir! Best, Mark
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    Happy BD RPM

    Hope you have a great day buddy! See you soon. Best, Mark
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    Scarsdale NY Ford

    The guys from the dealership came to my garage yesterday to do my airbag recall. Totally professional and personable. And, the added benefit is that they are "car guys". Anybody local that needs work should consider them. My Best, Mark
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    300 Mph

    Didnt want to distract from this amazing achievement. Thus, another post. What tires are suitable to run that mph? Thanks. Mark
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    Heffner Peformance

    A while back my Heffner TT 05 developed some driveability issues. After checking the most common culprits without avail, I sent my car to Heffner. The car received the needed diagnostics, repairs, full service, and a few upgrades. The care that both the car and I received was exceptional. The...
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    Short Shifter

    Does anyone have an 05-06 short shifter for sale, or know where I can get one? Thanks. Best, Mark
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    A Little Help Please

    I took my 05 Heffner TT car for a drive this AM. Car started and drove normally at low speed, However, upon trying to merge onto the highway it just layed down in 2 and 3 gears at approx 3500 RPM. Tryed a few times with the same result, so returned to the garage, With no load, the car revs...
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    Auto Styles Tampa/Clearwater Area

    Does anyone local know this shop? I'm thinking of having them do Clearplex on my windshield. Also, any recs for a general high performance mechanic in the same area? Thanks in advance. Best, Mark
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Best, Mark, Maria, kids, and dogs.
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    Horsepower of the new Corvette ZR1 is suspected to be in the 7's. Would be logical to believe that the taller hood is needed for a larger blower and intercooler system. Upcoming C8 may get some form of 4cam dual turbo motor. Anyone have documented info on this? Anyway, it's a great time to be a...
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    Sarasota FL Ford

    I have recently moved to FL, and I need my airbag recall done and would consider a complete service (ie. oil pump belt, etc). This shop has been recommended in the past. Please let me know about your experience with them. Thanks, Mark
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    I'm having trouble getting in touch with the GTG. Website appears to be down. Can anybody supply other contact info. Thanks in advance. Best, Mark
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    Mechanic in Clearwater FL

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a general mechanic (not Ford GT related) in or around Clearwater FL? I need somebody trustworthy. Thanks in advance. Best, Mark
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    Ford Service in Tampa/Clearwater

    I just landed on the ground here. Can someone recommend a dealer to do my airbag recall? Thanks in advance. Best, Mark
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    Moved to Clearwater FL. Running a Military Charity

    Hey Guys, Just retired from my medical practice and have moved to Clearwater FL to run a military charity. The organization is known as the Armed Forces Families Foundation, and every penny donated goes to the vets and their families. No big corp headquarters and a voluntary organization...
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    Cop Stop

    A State Police Officer not in my home state zapped me this AM going significantly over the posted limit. I pulled over immediately and prepared my paperwork. He came over to the drivers window and said to put the paperwork away, as I wasn't getting a ticket today. The reason, "this car is way...
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    Garage Sale Revised

    Tecnocraft carbon side scoops: NOW 1900.00 Rear Diffuser: Sale pending Stock floor mats: Make offer Bend Pak Quick Jacks: SOLD Thanks, Mark
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    Garage sale

    Cleaning out my garage pending relocation. Want to give forum members first shot. 1) Tecnocraft Dry Carbon Side Scoops. New in original packing. Factory 2695.99 Buy 2100.00 Buyer pays shipping. 2) Stock rear diffuser. Used, very good. Buyer pays shipping. Make...
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    Turn Signal

    Hi All. Yesterday my left turn signal started blinking twice as fast on the dash as the right. People behind the car confirmed that the signal still worked but was blinking twice as fast. In the old days, that meant that a bulb was out. Not sure what that means here. Insight appreciated. My...