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  1. Biginch Blake

    Blue Oval Fever

    Had to move cars around to get some work done on the garage and thought it was a good time for a photo opportunity. Here are a few shots of the family of Fords at the BigInch household.
  2. Biginch Blake

    Shelby GT500 shreds a dyno into Canadian fireworks | Motoramic - Yahoo! Autos

    I hope you can open this link, guy runs car to long on dyno and blows dyno up.
  3. Biginch Blake

    Toy for the price of a car

    Always get tons of catalogs at Christmas time and once in a while there is an outrages gift/price that needs shared with others. For the price of this toy race track set up you can buy a top quality REAL race car. PM me if you need my address to ship this to. Merry Christmas...
  4. Biginch Blake

    Austin F1 track day possible

    MVP runs one of the best track day circets I have been with and he is looking for interest in getting the new Austin, TX. F1 track for and event, please contact him if interested. MVP Track Time - 2013 Circuit of The Americas Track Weekend Good Day All: Hopefully the subject line caught...
  5. Biginch Blake

    GT Spinner Desk Ornament

    Last week at the MCA Grand National if was looking through the venders for FGT items. Came across this ornament/paper weight. True or False, the vender said they were handed out as a Ford press conference along with a letter telling the story of the lost wheel spinner at a race that caused the...
  6. Biginch Blake

    Why some people should never own a sports car!

    May have seen some of these but it is a prime example of “Thinning of the herd”. Dummies and fast cars.
  7. Biginch Blake

    Chance to be your own boss. Build GT40’s

    Classic car manufacturing plate for sale, build your own JAGUAR XK120 COBRA GT40 REPLICA T MANUFACTURING PLANT FOR SALE IN BRAZIL
  8. Biginch Blake

    New office chair

    Needed a new office chair so I got one of the race chairs and had some custom stitching done, turned our pretty nice.
  9. Biginch Blake

    New Bronco

    Is Ford comming out with a new Bronco on a Raptor frame?
  10. Biginch Blake

    Christmas songs at the mall

    May God bless you and your family this Christmas! LOOK! - SINGING FLASH MOB - Journey of Faith You really got to watch this. It is really a beautiful way to bring Jesus back into Christmas. Blake and Renee
  11. Biginch Blake

    Japan sportscar Pileup

    I think $1 million is way off. Ended up smashing a stunning eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and two Mercedes likely worth more than $1 million together.
  12. Biginch Blake

    Global Spotlight – Ford BMG Wins Two With FGT

    You may all get the Ford Racing New Letter but if not this impressive. Ford BMG Team pulverized their GT3 Brazilian Championship competitors at the Santa Cruz circuit last weekend by getting two pole positions and winning two races. With such results, the drivers Valdeno Brito and Matheus...
  13. Biginch Blake

    FORD GT hats for Christmas

    I still have some of the Ford GT hats I purchased at a flea market.(53 of them). With all the rain at VIR I could not get them out to display. If interested I am selling them for $20.00 (this includes postage). If you want one, or more, you will need to send the money to my house along with...
  14. Biginch Blake

    Ford GT Hats

    I was at a flea market and saw a Ford GT hat that really look good. I whet over to talk to the guy and he had bags full of them. All have the GT side view on front, rear view on one side and front view on the other side with FORD GT on the Velcro adjuster. All are Red/White but very nice...
  15. Biginch Blake

    New/Old tires

    Las week I was out of own and did not have a printer. There was a thread posted with a web site to Tire Barn? that showed how to read the date a tire was made. Can not seem to locate the tread, were is it? I need new rears and want to give this info to dealer so he can check on an order.
  16. Biginch Blake

    seat incerts

    Were can I find the polished grommets the incert into the cooling holes in the sets on my GT?
  17. Biginch Blake

    Gathering/Rally Infomation

    Got my GT last year and found out about GT Forum to late to get in on last years rally. Are there going to be any gatherings/rallies/events this year? Will regestered GT owners be notified of up coming events? We are heading to the 45th Mustang show at Barber Motor Speedway with both the...
  18. Biginch Blake

    Supercharger/exhaust upgrades

    I have purchased an upgrade supercharger pulley and exhaust muffler from Ford Racing. Anyone had any experience with these upgrades? Have the Ford Racing supplid flash tuner for the upgrades and plan to instll after the first of the year. Any good/bad comments about the upgrades?