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  1. Biginch Blake

    Ken Block

    Ken Block leaving Ford after 10 years. What amazing videos he has been a part of.
  2. Biginch Blake

    Not seeing post #1

    For some reason when I open a topic I am not able to see Post #1. Post #2 is the first one I can see/read. Has happened oh 3 or 4 threads. Today it that way on the GT 350 or GT 500 thread. Any ideas on why this is happening? Is it something on my end or a Forum problem?
  3. Biginch Blake

    Daytona Rolex Track Day

    I attended track days at Daytona last year and we ran the Rolex road course. It was a great time and the experience of the 31 degree banking was unreal. Got emailed a copy of the official 2019 poster for this years event. Hoosier 120 made the poster with a couple of photos.
  4. Biginch Blake

    2017 Shelby 350R For Sale

    Guy I know in Indianapolis has 2017 Shelby GT 350R for sale. Car has 17 miles on it. He is asking $67,000. If interested send PM and I will send you his information. I have no connection to the car and you will need to contact him for details.
  5. Biginch Blake

    Muffler Failure

    I had my car at Ray Skillman for service up dates and installation of new transmission coolers. They had completed the work and were checking out other items before re-installing the bottom shields. They noticed discoloration on one of the mufflers and found that it had cracked and was leaking...
  6. Biginch Blake

    Mid America Shelby National

    The Mid America Shelby National is in Tulsa this week. Any other forum members going to attend? I will be running at Hallett Thursday and Friday and have my NFGT at cruse in and car show Sunday.
  7. Biginch Blake

    MVP At Mid Ohio

    Mark ask me to post this to the GT community. MVP Track Time would like to (Finally!) invite you to our first annual “MVP OH HI OH” August 31 – September 2, 2018 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. I hope you’ll join us for the on-track fun. MVP’s goal remains the same since we began in 2006...
  8. Biginch Blake

    The present money can't buy!

    Last night my son and family came by with a Christmas present money can't by. My grandson's had a box I just had to open ASAP. I opened it and it was a baby swing. They took off their coats and showed me these shirts! Going to be new grandparents in July.
  9. Biginch Blake

    Hoosier Express #120

    Friday was one of the most exciting days of 2017 for me and Renee. We were in Canada for our Multimatic factory tour and to get the first look at our new Ford GT. Started out the day having breakfast with Terry, he has become the good will ambassador/tour guide for Toronto, had a great visit...
  10. Biginch Blake

    Rally 12 Tip #4

    Don't know how many this will apply to, but very important information if you are hauling your car to Park City. I trailer my cars 2,000 to 3,000 miles a year to track events and shows and there are things that need attention and checked before heading to the Rally. #1 Tire pressure. There...
  11. Biginch Blake

    GT500 Tires

    I need new tires for my 2013 Shelby GT500. I planed on getting the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 for the replacement tires. The backs are available but the front ones (265/40ZR/19) are not to be found and Michelin is saying maybe in 5 to 6 weeks. The OEM Goodyear are shot from heavy track use...
  12. Biginch Blake

    Track days at COTA

    Anybody going to COTA in February with MVP this year?
  13. Biginch Blake

    Road America track days

    3 day at Road America, July 22-23-24 with MVP coming up. Any one else planning on coming? Should be great time on great track!
  14. Biginch Blake

    IMSA at Road America

    IMSA is at Road America August 4-7, will they be running the Ford GT at this event? If they are it would work into my plans to go there they stop at Joliet Autobahn on the 8 for a track day on the way home. Anyone know?
  15. Biginch Blake

    Hoosier Tires

    I have 2 brand new Hoosier FGT rear tires I don't need. They are P315/40/19 R6. Will sell for $375 each plus shipping. Send PM of email Have been stored in bags in climate controlled garage.
  16. Biginch Blake

    Hoosier Tires

    I have 2 brand new FGT Hoosier tires for the rears. P315/40/19 R6 tires I do not need. Will sell for cost, $375, plus shipping. Send PM or email Have been stored for 1 1/2 years in black bags in climate controlled garage.
  17. Biginch Blake

    Track Helmets

    Just a friendly reminder the Snell 2005 helmet rating has expired. If your track group requires helmet check they must be SA2010 or SA2015 certified. Just got my new Bell SA2015 helmet. "Don't leave home with out it", and more important always be safe.
  18. Biginch Blake

    Porsche Double Decker

    Porsche racing in Australia take piggy back ride another Porsche. This must be how they breed, like turtles.
  19. Biginch Blake

    Le Mans Stripes

    Is there an acceptable standard for Le Mans stripes on a super car? Any certain width, any certain angle, any certain placement over the front wheel? Is both sides acceptable? Should they go only on the front fender only or can they extend onto the hood? Seen it all but am looking for a...
  20. Biginch Blake

    Thanks for the great night

    Was waiting for someone else to post thank you but has been long enough. I want to thank Northwood GT for the trip Monday night before the rally to a fine restaurant, the great time we had and his generosity for the meal. Everything was great from the trip, the parking and the fine food...