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  1. Biginch Blake

    Ford GT Bumper Delete

    Beautiful car. One of few upgrades I did was to change out the exhaust to an X pipe. About 60# less weight, better sound and gets rid of lots of heat inside engine compartment. Lots of X pipes out there, I have the GT Guys on both of mine. Set the old suit case muffler in the corner of...
  2. Biginch Blake


    Cars, food and clothing all loaded. Heading out at noon tomorrow, around 36 hour drive. Dropping off trailer and unloading cars at at Spring Mountain Thursday morning. Need car so I don’t have to drive RV to Shelby head quarters. See everyone at registration pick up at Shelby on Thursday...
  3. Biginch Blake


    Been signed up for a couple months, going to be a great time. Taking 17 and 06 GT’s to the bash. Couple track days at Spring Mountain and tons of other activity’s. Talked to Terry and Monica and it sounds like they will be around to give pointers. Any else planning to be there? After the...
  4. Biginch Blake

    Rally 13 cooking school sign up

    Renee is in. Could not open attachment, may be anything there yet.
  5. Biginch Blake

    Radiator ID

    Curious, was there a problem with the car, are you modifying or paining? Looks like major project.
  6. Biginch Blake

    Ford GT Rally XIII - Registration

    You will need to remember the experience 🤪😜🤓
  7. Biginch Blake

    Liquid Carbon delivery!

    Congratulations, it’s a beautiful car. Enjoy!
  8. Biginch Blake

    Ford GT Rally XIII - Registration

    For the track day at the private track there will be no requirements for seat, belt type or dates. One item that is dated for most events is helmet date. Your helmet needs to be SA2015 or newer, no motor cycle helmets. We are not going to be “Helmet Police” but it is for your own safety...
  9. Biginch Blake

    Belt harnesses for new GT

    If anyone needs Sabelt information for buying harness send me a PM. They work great and fast removal when not needed.
  10. Biginch Blake

    Rally to the Rally Party at Beck's Landing - October 30

    Thanks Chip. We wouldn’t miss it. Renee any I will be there.
  11. Biginch Blake

    The GT Garage LLC

    Well deserved, congratulations Rich. Always the go to guy for all things GT.
  12. Biginch Blake

    Bleeding brakes and clutch

    You are dead on. First time I changed mine I emptied my reservoir and turned a 20 minute job into an hour job😩🤣😜. My break pump assistant (wife) was not a happy camper.
  13. Biginch Blake

    Fluid recommendations

    Pete K, he asked about changing fluids. You are correct you should not mix fluids. If you have to add break fluid always try to use the same brand, if you have to add regularly you have other problems. Several of us track junkies had slave cylinder failure and (unscientifically) traced it...
  14. Biginch Blake

    Fluid recommendations

    On break fluid the Motocraft DOT 5.1 is the best all around fluid out there. Boiling point 385 deg. F. The Castrol SRF does not preform any better and cost twice as much. Have switched my race cars over and have 2 years of great experience with it. Use for clutch fluid too. Also Castrol is...
  15. Biginch Blake

    M048 Delivery Day

    Congratulations, color combination is great. Love the black stripes.
  16. Biginch Blake

    Introducing M015

    Very nice, congratulations.
  17. Biginch Blake

    GT Clothing and Other Logo Stuff

    My dealer got these for me the other day. He said they had some good sales going on.
  18. Biginch Blake

    NFGT floor mats?

    When I got mine home from the delivery party I was cleaning the interior and saw the plastic protection film along foot well. I decided to leave it there for a while, It’s still there after 3.5 years and doing it’s job. You have to look hard to even see it.
  19. Biginch Blake

    Carbon wheel torque spec?

    Pretty sure max is 150#. I hit 125# and call it good.
  20. Biginch Blake

    Introducing M034 Liquid Red GT

    Congratulations on a beautiful car. The liquid Red is an amazing color. I love mine in the sun with the shaded areas, expect tons of comments. Can’t wait until we can all get together again to enjoy our cars setting together.