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    Transaxle fluid use

    Do any other Ford vehicles use the same transaxle fluid as the GT or is it unique?
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    Attention NorthwoodGT!

    I have been trying to contact you for several days with no success. I need a part that I hope you have in stock. Please PM me or email me at with your phone number! Thanks! Vincent998
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    A unique starting problem?

    Well, I found my starting problem, and it may be unique. However, I suggest all GT owners check for this issue the next time they have the rear pan off. I installed a new battery and charged it overnight before using it, cleaned the ground, etc. Car still did not start, but the solenoid...
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    Battery availability and cost

    My 05 GT battery appears to be toast (solenoid just clicks when I try to start, and yes, I thoroughly cleaned the ground already), but it did last six years. Just checked with my local friendly and efficient Ford parts guy (he loves the GT) and learned that a new Optima lists at $449 (I would...
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    Safe seating for a child in an 05 GT

    One of my grandsons is coming for a visit, and I want to take him for a fairly long drive (200 miles). I have the stock car seat anchor hardware. He is 10 yo, stands 4'6" and weighs 65 lbs. I am a little concerned that he may be a bit too small for safe seating. He's too big for a car seat (and...
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    Availability of replacement Conti Comfort/Mobility Kits

    Has anyone tried to get a new replacement Conti Kit (that's the orange and black compressor/fix a flat kit in the "trunk" on the right side)? They go out of date every 5-6 years (they are expiration date stamped). When I got my car six years ago I replaced the expired one by buying the identical...
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    Do any of these GTs ever sell?

    Looking at fleabay this morning, I counted 10 2005 GTs and 20 2006 GTs for sale, almost all with fewer than 9,999 miles. Many with fewer than 999 miles. I do not recall ever seeing a GT on the site sell. I find it hard to believe that 1) prices are so high with so many cars on the market, and 2)...
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    Engine coolant pump replacement?

    Has anyone ever changed the "water" pump on a GT motor? I seem to have a very small, slow leak. It was discovered when I got a bunch of spatter on the motor side of the internal window, and it has only happened once (last week). I cleaned the window off and then drove the car about 20 miles at...
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    Driving without the two rear belly pans?

    After 26,000 miles my engine compartment needs a thorough cleaning, and to do that I need to remove the belly pans, do the wash and clean, and then I'd like to drive the car a bit (not at high speed, just around town) so it dries out completely. Is there a problem doing that? IDK if the pans...
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    Tariff effect on new FGT?

    If President Trump puts the 35% tariff on incoming new cars produced in foreign countries (as he has said he will do), are you guys prepared to pay another $157K for it?:pop
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    These "new" gauges on ebay look odd

    Ebay has a listing for a full set of (claimed) new gauges, but they look odd. The indicator needles are in the wrong places. I'm surprised no one has posted about these - the price is spectacularly good, but only if they work! See eBay item number: 302077386457 2005 2006 FORD GT GT40 NOS SET ALL...
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    What plastic are the fender liners made of?

    Does any one know what kind of plastic the fender liners (front and rear) are made of? Polycarbonate, polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene, vinyl, nylon, teflon, etc? I noticed that the plastic around the rear metal nut clips that hold the bottom of the rear fender liners to the diffuser...
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    Engine warm up before driving time/temp?

    Just out of curiosity, do you warm your car up from cold before driving it? I know it's a "modern" car and you can probably drive it after just a few seconds, but is it a good idea to warm it up? If you let it warm up, for how long and/or to what coolant temperature? Is it a bad idea to let...
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    Mecum Red Gt Lot F119

    Looking at the description of this 25 mile car up for auction today, at the bottom it states "Cannot be registered in California". Why not?:confused
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    Can't reply with quote anyone else having this problem?

    Just tried to reply to a message by hitting "Reply with quote" and got a message that I wasn't authorized. Is anyone else having problems?
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    Continental tires for our GTs?

    Just saw an ad (p. 83) in the new R&T for Continental Extreme Contact DW tires, showing a white/blue GT. Does this mean that Contis are/will be available for our cars? The Conti site shows six tires for the front, but none for the rear.
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    Another article about auction GTs

    Check out:
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    GT transport to Rally X from the PNW

    I'm trying to organize shipping GTs from the Pacific Northwest (far northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho) to Rally X. I talked with Reliable, and to have definite dates for delivery and pickup in Dearborn requires rental of a whole truck at a cost of $9610 each way ($19,220 RT). To do...
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    Check out my new vehicle!

    I think all you guys are going the wrong direction with brand new cars, excessive horsepower, and too many nanny gadgets. This vehicle solves all those issues ....:lol 1935 Morgan Super Sports - 40 HP, 50 ft of torque, 895 pounds. One wheel fewer, two brake actuators, hand throttle, and choke...
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    270 mph electric motorcycle!

    Hey guys, check this out! Beat the existing Bonneville record by 25 mph and topped out at 270. As much as I love gas engined transportation devices, I'd say the writing is on the wall ... David...