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    tach inoperative after the battery went flat

    You will want to buy the entire set and panel, because the Speedhut tachometer is round, not D-shaped, Their bezel is close, but not quite the same. A big plus is that the Speedhut panel is slightly smaller and easier to fit! The designer can show you what they can do.
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    tach inoperative after the battery went flat

    One BIG plus to the Speedhuts is that they will let you design your gauge faces as long as your choices are within their capability to produce, and they have a pretty large variety of options from very close to stock to really different. You want to call Speedhut and ask to talk with their designer.
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    Radiator Fan Speeds/Temps

    I have a transaxle cooler and it works well during the summer when it's hot here in western Oregon. However, I have found that in the winter (when no cooler is needed) it takes noticeably longer to warm up the transaxle and therefore I block most of the cool air scoop on the right side of the car.
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    tach inoperative after the battery went flat

    Although it has been awhile since I bought my Speedhuts, at least at that time the entire set including the panel cost significantly less than either the tach or speedo. Just buy and install the set. There is a bonus also in that the Speedhut panel is slightly smaller than the stock one and fits...
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    Short Throw Shifter

    Not to be a contrarian but: I had the short throw installed and did not like it. It was significantly harder to shift, and the amount of time theoretically saved in shifting is of no consequence on the street. I changed it back to original.
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    Transaxle fluid use

    I thought it might be used in a new Mustang or something else new. If it is unique use, I wonder how long Ford will continue to sell it ...? After all, it IS a part, and many GT parts are getting hard to come by.
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    Transaxle fluid use

    Do any other Ford vehicles use the same transaxle fluid as the GT or is it unique?
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    I take mine (2 times so far) to the local Ferrari/Maserati dealer (Ron Tonkin GT). I remove the wheels myself and just take them only to Tonkin. They do a great job at a reasonable cost. I figured that if anyone would know how to avoid damage, it would be them. Not a mark left on the wheels...
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    06 FGT Window Sticker - wanted

    So the original is on the left and the repro on the right?
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    Tach and speedometer repair experience

    I have the full set of Speedhut gauges and the matching dash. It has been a few years, but I bought the entire set including the dashboard for less than a new stock speedo or tachometer. The Speedhut dash is slightly smaller than the stock one and so goes in and out more easily, plus it is sized...
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    GT makes Hagerty's 2021 Bull Market List

    I think Hagerty is out to lunch on the value of 05-06 GTs. The prices they are listing are for undriven or very low mileage cars, and unrealistic for cars that are driven. That said, there is no doubt that no matter how much you drive your car, it's still worth more than it was new!
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    Nylon push-in pins in front of trunk liner?

    Not in mine, built August 2005
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    Need pricing help on selling my 05

    I've bought two cars on BaT. The site is great, but description adequacy depends entirely on the seller's honesty. One of the cars needed far more work than the seller disclosed. Fortunately, it all worked out even though it took over a year and some serious funds to correct everything. With...
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    Stripe Delete

    Thank you!!!!!
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    Stripe Delete

    What "Ford GT Then and Now" book? I thought I had all the pubs, but haven't heard of that one. Can you give me a citation so I can try to get a copy? Thanks!
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    A solution to valve cover bolt Corrosion......ARP replacements

    It would be nice if someone would post photos of these bolts to show exactly what's being discussed and the differences between good and bad ...
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    Parts availability and PPIs

    I intend to keep my 05 "forever" if I can. Most parts are readily available now, but I believe parts availability in the future will be problematic. Ford does not make new part runs until there is enough demand to justify the investment, and often (of course) Ford makes you buy an entire...