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  1. BBRGT

    Mark II

    Signed off on the final specification for my Mark II
  2. BBRGT

    New GT has arrived

    My 2020 GT arrived last Thursday , here is a photo of it in it‘s new home
  3. BBRGT

    Photos of the GT4 and GT350R

    Took a couple of photos of the race red twins at the shop the other day
  4. BBRGT

    GT4 Mustang

    Just took delivery of a GT4 Mustang from Multimatic , here are some photos Link to the full album
  5. BBRGT

    Matech GT3

    In August I purchased the Brazilian GT3 championship winning car , I thought some of the forum members would be interested in the reconditioning process , so I am starting a thread documenting the process. Car arriving in Blaine WA before it went thru customs at Canadian border , I used Plycar...
  6. BBRGT

    canadian gt on order

    Just ordered my GT , 200 are being built for the Canadian market with the first 100 in March and the second 100 at the end of the American production run in the late summer/fall of next year.The canadian cars had to have the bumpers modified to pass our federal bumper requirements and are all...