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  1. Shark01

    At What Tread Depth do you Recommend a Tire Change?

    Have Bridgestones and currently at 5/32 (the wear bar is at 2/32 I think) in the rear. At what depth have you seen a significant decrease in wet weather performance? Thanks
  2. Shark01

    Exhaust Part Identification

    The weather has finally improved in Texas, and after fixing a bunch of broken pipes had some time to spend with the car. In some ways, I'm still trying to figure out what I bought and I saw something I don't recall seeing before. So there is this round cylinder that says Ford Racing on it that...
  3. Shark01

    Water Leak Through Windshield

    In heavy rains, my car starts dripping through the top of the windshield, 6-8 drops a minute on the passenger side. I was talking to a mechanic about fixing this and he was reluctant about doing it because he thought if he needed to pull the windshield to re-weatherstrip it that the front end...
  4. Shark01

    Used Parts Vendors

    My car needs an is $2,160. Any breakers or used part vendors working GTs? Thanks
  5. Shark01

    GT Clothing and Other Logo Stuff

    As you know, just bought mine, and I haven't seen much clothing. Anyone have leads for me? Also, and I have nothing to do with this, would there be interest in jackets like this? I did buy this though:
  6. Shark01

    How to Insert Pictures by Browsing the Computer?

    Have tried a couple of times, but all I get is a http: Anyway to insert by browsing the computer? Thanks
  7. Shark01

    Comparing Cars With Different Number of Miles

    Good Morning, Assuming similar condition (relative to miles), what kind of cost per mile would you recommend in comparing two cars (say a 5k car and a 15k car)? In the Lamborghini / Ferrari world for example, the rule of thumb runs from $1/mile difference for reasonably rare cars (Countach...
  8. Shark01

    Any Houston GT Owners Have a Tungsten Car?

    Goofy question, but my wife is critical of the color.....I love it in pictures but neither of us has seen one in person. Anyone interested in giving us an opportunity to see it live? Thanks!
  9. Shark01

    In the Market for a Ford GT Again

    NOTE: My previous WTB thread ended up full of clutter and off-topic discussion so it was deleted. If you have a car to pitch to me, great I would love to hear about it. If you know of a car fitting my needs, great I would love to hear about it. If you have a question for me about MY search...
  10. Shark01

    Any GT Owners in and Around Oklahoma City?

    I would like to talk with you about a car currently for sale there and local resources for checking it out. Thanks
  11. Shark01

    Could You Order Stripes in Different Colors?

    Sorry, have the answer now.... Thanks
  12. Shark01

    Any Hawaii Owners Here?

    Specifically on Oahu, I would like to ask you a question. Thanks
  13. Shark01

    So For Those Who Have Bought GTs Recently

    I would like to know (particularly on the low end of the market) how are you finding the condition of the cars as they approach 15 years old. Are the 15k+ mile cars in good shape generally and well serviced? I'm sure a PPI is needed for any car in the low end, wonder how easy it is to find a...
  14. Shark01

    Yellow GT With a Whipple Installed

    Not many yellow cars out there, but there has been one hanging out on ebay for the past several weeks. It already has a Whipple. How much "credit" in dollars would you give a car with it already installed?
  15. Shark01

    Maintenance & Repair/Replacement Costs?

    Searched, did not see much information. Now that the car is 6-7 years old and only 50% still have delivery miles:lol, I'd like to see some data on maintenance and repair costs for some common items. As you know, I've been cross-shopping other exotics, and the sheer number of $10k+ service...
  16. Shark01

    Anybody Experiment With Gated Shifters?

    Anyway, drove a car with a gated shifter for the first time recently ('08 Gallardo). Didn't care for the car (was gutless at 5,000 rpm, like the normal f430), but loved the clack-clack sound and feel of the shifter. And it looked the business, shiny billet instead of the rubber (?) sheaths on...
  17. Shark01

    Price/Collectibilty of Low Mile Cars Vs Drivers & Multi-car Ownership

    As you may know, I'm trying to learn about these fine cars as I approach a purchasing decision. In alot of ways, this car is unique. Looking at the market, there are a great number of cars available with delivery miles or miles below 1,000. And a large group with around 2,000 miles. So, I...
  18. Shark01

    So What Other Cars Did You Consider?

    I drove 3 cars back-to-back on Saturday....Started with an LP-640 Murcielago Roadster, top off, sunny Houston day. Car was amazing. Its a hammer, no matter what tool you need....endless power is its only response. Then drove the Mac Davis blue stripeless GT. Maybe it was the color (for...
  19. Shark01

    Demographics of GT Owners

    I'm curious since one video review I saw referred to the GT as the "working man's supercar" how the demographics differ from other exotics. I tend to feel out of place with the serious Ferrari types:bored, and the Lamborghini guys are fun and a little crazy:willy So as a regular guy with a...
  20. Shark01

    PPI in Houston

    There may be a local car coming up for sale. Like most exotics, I'm sure an independent inspection is recommended. Who in Houston will do these?