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  1. Waldo

    Paint for Black Window Trim

    As is my luck, I managed to get a small scratch through the black paint on the window trim surrounding the driver's side window. It's not large enough to warrant taking apart the door to remove and repaint the entire trim piece, but it is large enough to be noticeable. Does anybody have a...
  2. Waldo

    DBK Got Me a Mustang!

    Well sort of... First off, I wanted to publically thank our illustrious forum founder, DBK, for helping me with another Ford acquisition. Although the sellers were great people to work with, the long-distance car buying process tends to be much less stressful when a trusted friend is handing...
  3. Waldo

    Bad Rear Lateral Links

    As I was finishing up some routine maintenance on my GT, I happened to notice that the rubber boots on both of my rear lateral links were badly torn. Right Side: Left Side: A quick on-line search shows that they are running about $215 for one link. Before I order a pair, does anybody...
  4. Waldo

    Shocks Bad?

    Gents, While in the process of completing some routine maintenance, I removed the rear tires and noticed an oily grime on both rear shocks. To be honest, I haven't had the rear tires off of the car in a couple of years, so I can't say how long the oily grime has been on the shocks. Is...
  5. Waldo

    "The Three" Spotted in Oshkosh, WI

    Ford has a rather large display/"hangar" at this year's EAA AirVenture Oshkosh air show. Despite a large portion of the display being dedicated to the 2015 Mustang and other current offerings, the first three "production" GTs are being prominently displayed in front of the exhibit. 4Y4000001...
  6. Waldo

    Another Day at the Office...

    Taking 01 off the Bonhomme Richard in the Coral Sea. Semper Fi, Waldo
  7. Waldo

    Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps

    On this, our 237th Birthday, I offer a painful reminder that our Corps is still in good hands: #articleTabs%3Darticle"]Every Marine a Rifleman Happy Birthday, Marines. Semper Fi,
  8. Waldo

    Need Info to Host a Standing Mile Event

    A friend who is involved in local community activities and charities asked me what would be required to host a standing mile event. Let's assume she has access to a 13,000' x 200' runway. What or who does she need to know to safely run an event? Best Regards,
  9. Waldo

    Boost a Pump Installation Procedures for a GT?

    I finally got around to ordering a Kenne Bell Boost a Pump to compliment the 4.0 liter Whipple on my GT. The closest instructions Kenne Bell has for a Ford GT are for a GT-500. In other words, the instructions are helpful for explaining the theory of the installation on a GT but not the actual...
  10. Waldo

    Side Mirror Removal

    The passenger side mirror on 562 apparently suffered a nasty scratch while being transported to AZ. I don't have access to my shop manual. Does anybody know the procedures to safely remove the side mirrors? Best Regards, Waldo
  11. Waldo

    I guess I am truly a GT owner now: My first gauge failure.

    Chalk up another speedometer to the guage gremlins. My speedometer worked perfectly when I had the GT out a few weeks ago, but it is now pegged at 0 and will not move. There were no indications of impending failure. The odometer and all other gauges seem fine. I have replaced the speed...
  12. Waldo

    Anybody towing their GT with an open trailer?

    I am being afforded another opportunity for a cross-country move. Instead of shipping the GT this time, I am contemplating buying a trailer and towing her myself. As nice as it would be, I can't justify spending the money for a brand new, lightweight, fully enclosed Trailex or Featherlite...
  13. Waldo

    Somebody needs to set the record straight.

    What's up with this? I'm pretty sure there are a few members of the forum that have already crushed that. Best Regards, Waldo
  14. Waldo

    New York City Fleet Week

    Gents, For those who live in the New York City area, we will be sailing into town in a few days. Please make your way to Pier 88 near the USS INTREPID and say hello. Best Regards, Waldo :usa
  15. Waldo

    Any Jaguar XK8 Experts?

    I'm thinking about picking up a Jaguar XK8 for the Mrs. I've stumbled across a reasonably priced '98 XK8, but the dealer doesn't have the maintenance history. I realize that most used cars are a crapshoot, but would the odds be stacked against me with late 90's Jaguar? Any advice would be...
  16. Waldo

    Brits & Battleship Car Show, Oct 31st

    For those that are looking for something to do in Wilmington, NC on October 31st, the British Motor Club of the Cape Fear will be hosting their annual car show at the USS Battleship North Carolina. Over 150 cars are expected to display at this year's event. There will be a British section as...
  17. Waldo

    Butyl-Covered Foam?

    I'm doing my homework for the impending pulley swap and have a question for our GT experts. The Ford Workshop Manual states that in the process of accessing the drive belt, I will need to remove and replace the butyl-covered foam around the engine cover opening. I haven't pulled the interior...
  18. Waldo

    Spare Stock Supercharger Snout?

    Does anybody have an unwanted stock supercharger snout they would like to unload? I'm planning on swapping the stock pulley for a 2.7" and would like to minimize the time my gal is "down". Having the new 2.7" pulley already installed on a second snout would allow me to complete the swap in...
  19. Waldo


    Found a nasty surprise while washing the GT on Sunday. You may want to give your wheels a close look every once in a while. For what it's worth, I don't recall hitting anything, and the other wheels are all fine...
  20. Waldo

    Wait for new OEM Vents?

    For those of you that had your clamshell vents replaced, how long did you have to wait for your dealership to receive the new vents? I'm almost at the three-month mark. Best Regards, Waldo